HenNeko – Episode 1 (BLOG EXCLUSIVE)

So I actually did watch HenNeko last night, and even did a full writeup… but then I looked at the discussion thread, and realized this just isn’t the sort of thing anyone there is going to be happy about. So, in lieu of raining on their parade for pretty much no reason, I’ll at least put up my thoughts here. For your consideration:


Alright. HenNeko. I…


Alright. Me and Sakurasou had… disagreements. This is well documented. And honestly, the only JC Staff show I’ve ever been impressed by is Toradora!, and I assume that was basically because the source material was good. But there was good within Sakurasou, and there are clearly talented people working at JC Staff – sure, I’m entering this with some bias, but there is hope as well. And, perhaps most importantly, this season also has OreGairu – I don’t desperately, soul-achingly need another incredible romantic comedy, and so I won’t automatically damn this one for failing to be that thing. I promise to do my best to take what I can get, and accept what this show is actually trying to do.

But I’m still not pulling any punches.

Episode 1

0:35 – Well this is off to a roaring start.

0:58 – Oh dear god the protagonist is Ouma Shu

2:45 – I’ll say this: this show is far more honest in its intentions than Sakurasou was. And with that, it’s looking like I’ll only have two shows to cover on Saturdays. Which is actually kind of a relief.

4:10 – “There are such things as facades and true feelings.” Yes, both of those things do exist. Do you have anything to add, HenNeko? Because OreGairu actually- oh. Oh, that was just a setup to a sex joke. Fair enough

4:52 – I admit, I kinda smiled at “Don’t you remember the promise we made on that day?!”

5:53 – Also, “A dutch wife that was just sitting collecting dust” is good. What a criminal waste!

6:22 – So this is actually “Liar Liar, ecchi romcom edition,” I guess

6:58 – The Benny Hill soundtrack helps make this… well… no, actually, it doesn’t help anything. Nevermind

8:40 – Welp, this show has already exceeded the rapport Sakurasou built between its romantic leads over 24 fucking episodes. Good job I guess

9:45 – So this girl is going to actually magic herself into a kuudere. Well, I guess that’s more realistic than that personality type normally comes across…

11:27 – I guess you can never have enough ___deres

16:40 – I was literally moving to pause and note “Oh wow, it looks like they’re not only using this premise for cheap gags” when he began tickling her. But either way, it does seem like the premise will actually make things happen, and not just be a wacky gimmick entirely. But it’s already pretty clear at this point that this show is pretty much a straight harem comedy, and so it doesn’t actually matter whether anything does anything for the “plot” anyway

18:48 – Okay, if those are the terms we talk about this show on, so be it. A couple of my major problems with this entire genre: the jokes are all ones we’ve heard a million times before, and the characters are all obvious stereotypes, meaning you can’t really care about them, meaning there’s no emotional connection that goes along with the humor. I’m getting all of that here.

20:14 – Why would she even be mad if they did have a relationship? Oh, right, because this is one of those genres where everyone is immediately in love with the protagonist for no reason

And Done

Look, don’t get mad. I was just checking. This show’s a lot more honest than Sakurasou. I can appreciate that. I won’t be taking up any more of your time.