Attack on Titan – Episode 6


Well, now that Eren has failed in understanding even the most basic requirements of Main Characterdom (don’t get eaten by fucking titans), it looks like Mikasa’s gonna have to save everybody. You might even say she has to do it…singlehandedly . EHHH? Armin?  Anybody?!?  Goddamnit, that was… well, thank you , Potato. At least one person has a sense of humor around here.

Anyway. Here’s hoping for some Mikasa in berserker mode. Let’s roll.

Episode 6

3:17 – I really like the tone of this scene. Each of them dealing with the stress of their first battle in a different way, trying to maintain their usual personalities even though the world is going to hell around them, with shell-shocked Armin sitting there as an example of what will soon hit all of them. Chilling stuff!

5:48 – Another effective scene. No soundtrack cues, no melodramatic camera angles – in fact, the camera does its best to obscure the situation. Hannah’s hopeless attempts to ignore a situation too terrible for her to comprehend, a tidy little parallel for Armin’s lesson of the day

9:02 – Mikasa: kills titans, saves townsfolk, good with kids

Also, I wonder what other “abnormals” we’ll be dealing with – so far they’ve had this derp-run one, the leaping one, and the armored one (along with the megatitan), but I’m sure this writer has more evil tricks up his sleeve

10:02 – “Ackerman, what the fuck made you such a badass? …never mind.”

11:07 – Oh god, lighthearted family time flashback. The darkest omen

12:10 – Subtlety, again! The violence of the situation shown through half-glimped splatters across the door and window, letting the viewer’s imagination do the rest. Damn, Titan!

12:20 – Even as a kid, Eren apparently already had those crazy-ass “gotta kill em all” eyes


16:28 – Our Hero 

19:07 – Okay, dunno if we needed the “electric realization” powerup pan

20:15 – “I needed to act – look how late the guards arrived.” “I’m criticizing you for not considering your own safety.” It’s nice how both Eren’s strength and Eren’s downfall are encapsulated in this little exchange here

21:44 – Very nice tidy flashback. Basically her whole personality, as well as her connection with Eren, are completely and believably established

And Done

Well that’s an awkward closing line.

I liked that episode a lot! I think the tragic and dramatic stuff was handled really well here, with a lot of tact for an action show, which lent it more solemn emotional weight. I liked the stuff early on, with the recruits basically acting tough or happy or mad to keep the panic away. I liked Mikasa being a huge badass, and I liked the very efficient flashback.

also like that next episode promises to be totally crazy, what with Eren’s death now pretty much guaranteed to be revealed to Mikasa, and Mikasa assisting our beloved squads in their retreat. Exciting times in our favorite blood-soaked hellscape!