Serial Experiments Lain – Episode 8

Episode 8

2:00 – Just realized that between the physical Lain, the crows, and Lain of the Wired here, this OP could basically be the story of the show – whether that pause at the end means Lain has become god (singularity) or rejected the merge, I dunno

2:15 – “If you want to feel pain, don’t look away.” That’s right, Shinji. What did the real world ever do for you?

3:34 – And now Wired/non-Wired Lain are working together, with that persona actually representing her will. So maybe she actually did control the persona switches earlier

6:38 – “They asked if you were my real parents. Don’t people say the funniest things?” Welp, she’s not looking away, and this seems pretty damn painful!

7:23 – Arisu touches her shoulder. They keep indicating the reality of this connection with that physical contact she can find nowhere else

8:20 – And Lain immediately tears up at being threatened by the one person who matters to her. SAVE HER ARISUUU

8:54 – That statue has a tiny head

11:30 – “God makes his grand entrance,” eh? And claims that he is her? And that her real world self is a hologram? I’m guessing this is more meddling by the Knights, but at this point, if he says he’s god and god is her, it could very well be true

12:17 – Wait, whaaat? Why is the class all staring at her – what is she actually doing? Or has she not even gotten back to the physical world? Or… bleh, not worth hypothesizing, shit’s just happening

13:15 – So at this point, I’m guessing everyone knows her as whatever Lain of the Wired just did. So obviously she has to find the one person who believes in the value of Lain outside of the Wired

16:35 – THE BORDERS OF HER EGO ARE BREAKING DOWN. Man, if ever there were a post-Evangelion show…

Not that that’s a bad thing – Eva’s my favorite show, after all. But dem parallels be crazy

17:00 – Looks like Lain’s isolation and trauma have jumpstarted her merge, and now she can speak with Lain of the Wired directly

18:56 – “As long as I’m aware of myself, my true self is inside me.” Well that’s just, like, your opinion, man

19:47 – “Deleting.” Oh god Lain what have you done

And Done

What? Did she go too deep, and have her physical terminal permanently stolen by Lain of the Wired? Her AT Field’s looking pretty ragged at the moment…