Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – Episode 12

Oh jeez, someone already made the thread. Alright, game face, Bobduh. You don’t have any notes or skits prepared. That’s cool. You’re naturally charming. The crowd loves you. You can DO THIS.

Hey guys! Do you know what time it is? Of course they know what time it is you idiot they’re reading the goddamn thread. Personally, I’ve got a beer in my hand in the middle of the week and I’m suffering from sleep madness after working two back-to-back ten hour shifts. I’m guessing that means it’s time for Crime Edge.

Two episodes left. Tension has been brought to a hot, sexy boil, with Kiri about to confront the most deadly and least appropriate of characters this show has decided to sexualize. Last episode saw him learning crucial details about the nature of his powers, such as the fact that his mentor probably has a large beard and was maybe an aristocrat or something I don’t know. Hopefully this vital information will aid him in the treacherous conflict to come. With only two episodes to go and the subjects of summer Comiket chosen months ago, we’re all running out of time to see Kiri consummate his love before getting his fool ass killed. Frankly, I don’t think he’s treating his situation with the seriousness it deserves – in a battle of Killing Goods, anything approaching stability will always be hair today, gone tomorrow.

Aw man, we haven’t even started this episode yet. Spittin’ fire, motherfuckers! Let’s get to it.

Episode 12: All Good Lolis Must Come to An End

Well, I assume that title’s relevant. Rolling with it.

0:10 – Oh man, starting off with Rage Maiden and The Other One. Could this mean the battle with Lolino will unlock his latent Author powers?

…I’m guess this means the battle with Lolino will unlock his latent Author powers

1:04 – Really, Kiri? Is this really the time to be taking pictures for your Pinterest?

4:13 – “She probably only sees death like going to a faraway country, or becoming one with the stars.” To be fair, that’s kinda the prevailing view at the moment. Aw yeah, secular humanist humor! 

4:30 – I’m a fan of any plan that begins with staring at a tiny girl and thinking “If I can get her to fear death…”

6:27 – I realize they’re going for the Alexander Anderson  thing, but from this angle I can only see him wearing a mining helmet 

7:57 – Wait, she’s not even wearing glasses! How come she get to do the Anderson thing?

8:27 – “Looks like I just dug my own grave.” Oh jeez Kiri, are you beginning to regret antagonizing the loli who handed you your ass yesterday?

8:40 – It’s actually strangely satisfying to see him get the shit beaten out of him for making such terrible decisions

9:34 – “Grayland didn’t kill 200 people? But… but, that can’t be! I believed in him!

10:29 – That’s right Kiri, fall off that cliff! Best way to avoid being actually murdered: give yourself a Disney-villain death

10:46 – “Otherwise I’ve been overestimating my powers all along…” At what point was he ever basing his power level on the alleged murderiness of the scissors’ original owner? I figured he was basically just swinging them around and hoping that would work up til now

11:33 – Oh shit, here we go. Sensei o’clock

12:14 – Really digging these dramatic jenga angles

15:13 – Shit, kids! That scene was intense! And now, for the penetrating questions: how will Kiri’s newfound thirst for blood affect his relationship with Iwai!?

16:15 – Lolino is obviously well-acquainted with attempted Disney Deaths. Find the goddamn body, set that fucker on fire.

17:10 – If these readings are correct… Kiri has entered berserker mode! 

18:19 – “Taking pleasure in inflicting great pain.” Yeah, that’s pretty spot-on for this show. Light-side Kiri just indulges in a some light grooming, dark-side Kiri is all BDSM all the time

21:44 – “She was so unmoving… and now she’s just a mess.” Mission accomplished, guys! Well, I for one feel great about today’s work

And Done

God DAMN! That last quarter was legitimately intense and uncomfortable the whole way through; they definitely succeeded in selling the terribleness of embracing your inner psycho killer (qu’est que c’est). Kiri has definitively won his second bout with Lolino, and, in brutally assaulting her to the point of hysteria, perhaps taught her that Killing is Wrong. But at what cost?!? I assume he’s out there in the woods somewhere, reveling in his inner beast, attempting to howl at the moon but being significantly hampered by the scissors in his mouth. Will Iwai’s love be enough to draw him back to his healthy fetishes?

Yeah, it probably will. We gotta wait a week to see it though. Cya then!