Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru – Episode 13

Guys I don’t even know. Can I take this? Will tomorrow even be worth living through? I’ve suffered a lot in my life, but this, this…

OreGairu is ending, you guys. What am I gonna do.

I’m not gonna get all weepy now – I’ll save the histrionics for the review. I know the actual show is pretty much already over, and that this final episode is an anime-original. It’s almost like they knew I’d need one more nostalgic adventure with these characters. This episode also marks the original light novel writer’s first time collaborating on an anime (I think). This is a good thing, because I want him writing all of the shows from now on, and he has to start somewhere. Hopefully in a few years he will work at all the studios and write everything.

Doing my best to stay objective here. Oh god. Here come the tears. Fuck it, roll the episode.

Episode 13

0:37 – “If everything is worth experiencing, then there’s little doubt that the feeling of not experiencing something is, in itself, worth experiencing.” -Sniff- I’m gonna miss you, buddy

0:52 – “The worst part is how convincing he is despite not being consistent at all.” So damn cute together. And once more the show outright says that Hikki’s philosophy is nonsense, something most of the criticism aimed at this show seems to miss entirely. The feeling of not experiencing something may be worth experiencing, but the feeling of not experiencing OreGairu seems like a pretty big loss for those guys

6:45 – It’s funny seeing an actual legitimately energetic person make Yui as weirded out as the misanthropes

8:10 – Also funny seeing how into this project Yui is getting. This is basically a fanservice episode, but fanservice in this show is just the characters being themselves around each other

10:50 – I say that, and then we actually get Yui in a Saber costume

11:47 – And Hayama takes the gold. I’d be perfectly happy if the rest of the episode were just a Hayama being awesome montage

12:57 – And then there’s nice callouts like remembering Silver’s weakness is fashion, or finally pairing the two otaku together for an episode

13:55 – “The starting shell has been blown!” This episode is completely insane

17:50 – “If it’s for you, I can handle way more than this!” My god this episode. That rallying speech was hilarious too. I didn’t think such a derp episode could be so satisfying

19:27 – “Did you really think I’d leave you unmarked?” Of course Hayama’s also totally buying into it. I think this probably all works for me because after the trials of the series, it’s just really satisfying to see these characters have fun together for once

21:23 – “You were watching too?” “I-I just happened to see it.” Thirteen episodes in, and we have finally arrived at the tsundere starting line. Life is tough

And Done

Well, that was surprisingly fun. I figured it’d be pretty much a write-off bonus episode, and it kinda was, but they ran with that and had the characters actually cut loose and be comfortably silly together. Definitely nice to see the brighter life they’ve earned through the course of this series.

3 thoughts on “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru – Episode 13

  1. (slowpoke comments ahoy)

    @6:45 The funniest of it all was actually seeing both girls get jealous in their own very characteristic ways.
    @19:27 It was also funny see Yukino not minding getting glomped by Yui anymore(only 13 episodes in, haha)

  2. @ 10:37 There’s a split second gag where the glasses-senpai is sitting with hikigaya and co and is just as exasperated as they are when watching the Chuuni and Fujoshi.

    God I’ll miss this show

    • It sold really well, so there’s still hope for a season 2! We just need to wait for more books to be released, and hope Brain’s Base break their apparent “no sequels” policy.

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