Dog and Scissors – Episode 1

I’m not actually covering this, but there’s nothing else going on and I might as well open a page just in case. Morbid curiosity demands I check out anything with a title as ridiculous as Dog and Scissors.

Dear god it’s Dog Scissors

2:07 – What in all that is holy is this OP

3:13 – I already get the feeling this is the kind of show you only watch after losing a bet

3:53 – ‘Oh, he’s got his own apartment. Does that mean he’s actually an adult?’ “The winter of my third year of middle school, my entire family moved away…” Right. Of course.

5:21 – “I can’t die without reading that.” And the female MC is the author, and he dies and gets reincarnated as a dog? Okay, looks like we know the whole plot now

9:07 – Alright, “can’t die without completing last wish,” I get. But how that exactly translates to being reincarnated as a dog…

10:30 – “Yeah, I’m a dog, but more importantly I haven’t read anything in weeks!” Taking his doghood in stride. I like it

11:18 – I also like a story where the MC’s passion is reading books instead of, you know, panties or anime or erogames or whatever

11:39 – I would not sell a live animal to a woman who keeps a pair of scissors in a thigh-holster

11:47 – “Sorry to keep you waiting. The protagonist has appeared.” Ooh, are we gonna get all storytelling-meta here? By all means

16:35 – This show is pretty stupid, but that dog has great expressions. Particularly like his Is this nigga serious? face

18:01 – Alright, reincarnated dogs I’ll believe, but a novelist living in the top tax bracket? Pffff…

18:59 – Hah. Fan hysteria lasts for three seconds, then “hurry up and write the book I want.” Great

And Done

Well, that was about as silly as I expected.

2 thoughts on “Dog and Scissors – Episode 1

  1. I wasn’t going to watch this show but if it’s as silly as you say, I might just have to do the first episode. Possibly while not entirely sober.

    • It’s actually pretty terrible – lots of flat chest and violence is funny jokes, not too much else. I don’t think I could watch shows like Crime Edge or this if I wasn’t making my own jokes for writeups. Not that checking out a single episode is a huge burden or anything…

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