The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 2

Well, we’re in the story now, so hopefully the pacing levels out a bit. I have high hopes for this – TWGOK has always been based on a strong, cynical understanding of story structure, and now that it’s actually committing to its ownreal story, I’m eager to see where it goes.

Episode 2

0:50 – After two full seasons, it’s really gratifying to see the plot actually move in this thing. Kanon stabbed? Their teacher possibly involved in the spirit business? The plot thickens!

4:15 – “From here on, your information will dictate my choices.” It’s nice to see Keima’s Lelouch impression being applied to an actually serious situation.

8:05 – I like that as soon as the situation becomes actually serious, he sends Elsie off on a side mission and has Haqua act as his Watson instead. I mean, Elsie’s great and all, but…

9:33 – “How does Elsie normally act?” “Just like that. Keep floundering around.” Great translation choice

18:17 – This episode is fantastic! Fast-paced and full of the series’ greatest strength, the demented anime-character-psychology strategizing.

20:33 – Keima himself getting conquered? This is amazing. Now I’m kind of sad they skipped that particular arc

And Done

That was GREAT. Breakneck pacing, but that made sense given the context, and I love how they’re finally forcing Keima to actually commit to this situation. Having him juggle so many silly love stories highlighted the romcom-parodying nature of the series in a good way, and seeing Keima himself get kinda seduced was one of the best moments of the series so far. Fun times.

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  1. You accidentally posted it twice. Interesting how closely my thoughts on this show match yours, the only thing I found really interesting which you didn’t mention is narrative causality and teleology. But I really like discussing narrative causality and Terry Pratchett, so I’ll mark it down to me being a weirdo.

    But, I still feel it’s really worth thinking over, as a topic, in general.

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