Free! – Episode 3

Well I guess it is time for this show that I am obviously not tsundere for. Seriously, I’m not tsundere for Free!, I’m just yandere for beer. There’s a difference.

Now that that’s cleared up, yeah, last episode was definitely better than the first one. It still wasn’t good, in the way that, you know, good[1] shows are good, but it was certainly entertaining. It also featured a “let’s clean the pool” montage, and went incredibly deep on Haru-chan being perhaps a little bit obsessive maybe. I really didn’t buy the whole “oooh, he hurt his friend’s feelings that one time five years ago, that’s why he gave up his sole passion!” plot development, but if I can look past the fact that this is basically K-On with abs, I can probably look past a few extra-maudlin plot beats. Plus this has the added advantage of not being Everything Wrong with the Anime Industry™, and instead being A Winking Subversion of Everything Wrong with the Anime Industry™.

Note: this is not an invitation to argue about K-On. I dislike[2]   K-On, you are all allowed to like[3]   K-On, let’s leave it at that. This is my derpy show, I get fast and loose on reactions, if you’re uncomfortable with the temperature I’d advise exiting the kitchen.

Alright, I think I’ve picked enough pointless fights for this intro. Let’s Swimming!

Episode 3

0:00 – I like how I’m downloading all these in 1080p just because. KyoAni I am addicted to your drawings

0:21 – Truly the moeist[4]  

0:54 – Yet also an untamed wild stallion[5]  

2:45 – Goddamnit this OP. Rin’s single tear. This pain in his heart can only be settled IN ONE WAY. GET SET RED GYAO

2:58 – “Oh, you know, just some light reading.[6]  ” COULD THIS BE A CLUE?

3:20 – “It was easy enough to guess.” Oh come on, do it. You know you want to.

3:25 – “Considering those recruiting posters in your bag…” C’mon, you’re deducing right now! DO IT!

3:30 – There it is[7]  . Yesss, glasses-pusher. Embrace your nature!

3:50 – That face nooo. KyoAni’s powers are frightening[8]  

5:41 – I like how they’re just going all-in[9]   on Haru being nuts for swimming. It’s nice to see a KyoAni protagonist who’s such a derp – although really, this again is just showing how much more this show is falling into their moe SoL lineage. For all my problems with those shows, they certainly have more democratic ensemble casts than Haruhi, Chuunibyou, or Hyouka did – there’s less of a clear protagonist here, since while Haru is the central character, he’s also probably the least reliable member of the group

6:19 – Yesss do it again the crowd loves it[10]  

6:42 – Jeez, did they think I wasn’t already enthralled[11]   by club recruiting or something? Give it a rest Free!, I’m not that easy. Push glasses or gtfo

7:19 – Alright, this actually is a parody, right?[12]   I mean, I’ve seen serious glasses-pushing[13]  , but this is on another level

8:06 – He’s insatiable![14]  

8:51 – “After all, humans evolved to live on land.” I see no faults in this argument

8:59 – They better keep making these[15]  

9:39 – She’s awesome[16]  . Her and Gou are both kind of one-note, but they’re making the most of it

9:48 – I noticed this with the train station pan too – what are they doing with these backgrounds?[17]   They look like painted sketches or something. It’s very nice

10:37 – “But factor in shifts in the pole’s center of gravity.” Of course. How could you be so stupid?

11:02 – “You’re too focused on the technical side.” That’s right, glasses. You gotta feel the heart of the pole!

Wait that came out wrong

11:43 – “It’s Kou.” This show keeps surprising me with its’ humor. I’m a big fan of this style, where they mix genuine love for such a cliched genre with plenty of subversion and winks (like the absurd pole-calculations). Gatchaman Crowds is doing something similar, though I think that show’s running with it a bit more successfully. You should all be watching Gatchaman Crowds, by the way. No, I will not stop using this platform to advertise all my season favorites

12:21 – “They all have girly names…” Rei knows those girly names ALL TOO WELL[18]  

12:58 – Someone hold him down[19]  Okay I’ll stop (no I won’t)

13:48 – ALL RANGE MODE[20]  

14:01 – Look I’m not the one doing it[21]  . And we’ve gone too far to stop

14:54 – “Oh, Rei-chan!” “You’re Haru-chan? Show me your beautiful body

15:10 – Free seriously I need to sleep tonight[22]  

15:26 – I agree, this episode was[23]   getting kinda slow

16:41 – “You can use one of our spares.” Wuhoh, what a wacky misunderstanding! But seriously show me him naked. Leave the glasses

16:44 – They did and they did[24]  

18:18 – Ahahaha. Thank you for the doubletake KyoAni

20:40 – “Be free.” Hey, that’s the name of the show. And describes Haru’s power, and probably what Rin is trying to reach from whatever his megadark past is. Also, the soundtrack is often a little silly, but I really love the tracks they use for these low-key but climactic moments

21:09 – Once more for luck![25]  

21:29 – Am I supposed to be interpreting this some other[26]   way?

Well, whatever. I’m sure Nagisa will make a great dad

And Done

Alright, full disclosure: I’m actually having a ton of fun with this. Yeah it’s dumb, but it’s also funny. Yeah swimming is a hard thing to make look inspiring, but they’re doing their best. Yeah Rei-chan might be pregnant, but Nagisa is gonna take responsibility.

Anyway. I think that’s enough glasses-pushing for one night.



Okay see you next week.

2 thoughts on “Free! – Episode 3

  1. Best episode so far I think – seriously, the timing on the comedy moments is gold. All my love for Haru, who is such an accidental goofball that I can’t help but adore him (AND HIS TRICEPS/DELTOIDS/WHATEVER).

    srsly dude, I love Free! and you’re making me love it even more 🙂
    btw: your top 30 anime list made me realize the wonderful art that anime is
    (sorry if my English is bad)
    love from Chile!

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