The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 4

Last episode was probably the most entertaining and fast-paced episode of the series so far, with its’ only competition being the library arc from the first season. Whatever they had to do to get us to this arc, it seems to be working.

Episode 4

2:28 – I have to admit I’m kind of a sucker for Shiori’s embarrassed gurgling noises

3:01 – SO CONFLICTED. Shiori’s storyline is actually adorable, but the more any of these characters step outside of their archetypes and become likable as distinct characters, the more the fact that this is essentially a harem becomes an actual problem for the storytelling (unless you want a School Days on your hands). It’s a Catch-22 of good character writing being almost fundamentally incompatible with the kind of silly, flippant genre satire that makes this show work. You can’t have your parody and eat it too – and parodies generally don’t taste very good, anyway

3:35 – “It’s really interesting, can I read the rest?” Regularly lying and manipulating people for the greater good? No problem. But praising bad storytelling? Keima, what have you become?

5:24 – Man, Shiori’s gonna be piiiissed. She might even shake her fist half-heartedly or something

5:45 – “It’s not trying to hurt me!” Splat

6:36 – Man, one minute I’m complaining about the show’s format, the next Keima’s getting called on his shit by a creepy floating doll. Well played, TWGOK

6:43 – “She’s pretty observant for a doll.” Are you accustomed to dolls being somewhat less observant?

7:18 – “You better clean up the mess you made!” And then we got a shot of her actually diligently putting the books away

8:54 – “You’ve been spending an awful lot of time with those other girls. Luna, get rid of him!” Sorry Keima, I’m siding with the doll on this one

9:28 – I like the contrast between the angry goddess ranting and the blank-faced doll just zooming around wildly

9:45 – “I’ll grind you to paste!” “That’s not very beautiful. Are you really Tsukiyo’s partner?” Trust Keima to be more concerned with the shoddy character dynamic than the death threats

10:29 – Oh COME ON. Damnit ladies, pull yourselves together!

10:36 – “It was fate.” “WHAT? YOU hit on ME, DICK.” This episode’s pretty fantastic

10:59 – “KISS ME.” Just hit him again, Tsukiyo

12:53 – “This man cannot know I exist.” I’d probably have advised against announcing your name and title before attacking him with telepathic powers then

13:20 – I guess awakening your goddess powers feels, uh, pretty good

14:08 – “I wonder who issued that order?” Haqua and Nora’s boobs gravely ponder this question

15:18 – Dat wing envy

15:38 – “Carry me.” I like how her mini-wings are all “well, get on with it”

15:55 – Dat love energy envy

16:21 – “You should not speak so freely with other women.” Oh god, this is gonna get ridiculous.

18:14 – Oh right, that’s why I liked this show in the first place. A protagonist who’s basically allergic to shitty plotting

19:52 – Goddamnit Haqua we do not have time for this. Let’s just get back to…

19:59 – OH GOD DAMNIT.

20:48 – “She can’t love you more than Tenri!” “Well, technically, the evidence clearlyCHAIR

Nice. Back on solid, ridiculous ground here, with Keima being the only character living in a rational but oddly simplistic universe

21:56 – “It’s my fault. I realize you and Tenri have it harder than the other girls.” Did he just mentally relocate Diana from “reliable ally” to “another one of these goddamn children I have to herd”? This is like Gosick syndrome – the man with one brain cell is a king in the land of idiots

And Done

Goddamn is this show silly. I think the Gosick comparison is actually pretty apt, except this is an intentional comedy – it’s just one competent person trying to herd a gaggle of harem-archetype cats. Do your best, Keima-kun