C3-bu – Episode 5

Hey guys. I’ve actually been pretty damn excited for this episode – I’m desperately hoping they’re committing to the craziness which consumed the second half of last week’s episode, which was far more interesting than the by-the-numbers genre fare of 2 and 3. Time travel? Reality warping? Honestly, I’ve considered Gainax dead and buried for half a decade now, but if they can keep up this Haruhi impression, I’ll happily give the heart monitor another glance. Once more, for old times’ sake.

Episode 5

0:00 – Welp, this might be a problem: no beer. Meaning… meaning I’m going straight for the hard stuff. The last time that happened, I ended up doing a writeup for the first episode of fuckin’ Neptunia . I can’t go back there, you guys. They have cigarettes where there’s s’posed to be eyes

0:15 – Yessss. Startin’ off right in crazy town 

1:51 – Not sure if I’ve mentioned – I actually really like this OP. The visuals are standard, but I like the prechorus and I like the instrumental breakdown. I generally don’t talk about music choices because J-pop ain’t my thing, but I approve

2:12 – I like that she just sleeps with the gun  now. Also, Gainax still has a way with faces 

2:36 – They rowed a raft  to this deserted airsoft island. Obviously. Of course

3:07 – Yesss… YESSS… 

5:27 – Ehh, this battle is fine, but now I’ve been spoiled by crazy. I didn’t un-drop this show for passable airsoft action!

5:45 – Granted, that  IS pretty adorable

7:09 – Yes, by all means.  BOTAN MUST DIE

7:36 – Again, this is looking suspiciously slice of life . If last week’s insanity was a one-time thing, so was my un-dropping this show

10:01 – “Let’s win again tomorrow!” Oh how your hubris blinds you, Yura!

But seriously. If she doesn’t reshape reality or Kanbaru doesn’t make a move on her quick, this show is in serious trouble again. If this stays default sports/SoL, I won’t actually have to watch it to know everything that’ll happen

11:00 – Alright, now we’re gettin’ somewhere.  It’s also just nice that they’re attaching this degree of insane self-seriousness to Yura’s ability to play airsoft good

11:22 – Again with the great faces.  KyoAni is still probably better, but Gainax has managed to maintain some of that loose, effortless-seeming charisma that I’d figured Trigger would have entirely stolen

12:14 – Really, Commie? You translate “itadakimasu” as “Lord, we thank you for nothing ‘cause we brought it all ourselves”? Commie we need to talk

13:08 – …damnit Gainax. I guess some things never change 

14:23 – They are killing me with all these shots . My first assumption is always romance (which I’m an absolute sucker for), but obviously in the context of this show it’s just sports-development (which I couldn’t care less about). Whatever, just go back into crazytown, C3-bu

16:02 – Wouldn’t airsoft in swimsuits… hurt? Like, a lot?

17:20 – Now that’s just silly 

20:59 – I have to admit, I’m amused. 

22:05 – As the glow of victory fades, Kanbaru’s thoughts are clouded.  Indeed, they had won the day. But at what cost?

And Done

Well, that was certainly more funny and entertaining than the 2nd and 3rd episodes. But… aaaaah, commit to the craziness! I don’t need a mediocre Girls und Panzer imitation, I WANT INSANITY! The fights here are just too goofy and ungrounded to actually maintain tension – the fantasy sequences help, but they don’t make things truly exciting, they just make them a bit more funny and unique. If this show’s going to pull it together, it’ll either be through actually committing to the craziness that made 4 so interesting, or through actually internalizing the fundamentals of compelling sports drama. GET ON IT!

3 thoughts on “C3-bu – Episode 5

    • I think that Commie are normally quite good at capturing natural tone (it seems clear they have a couple of actual writers on their staff, who have more of a feel for organic dialogue than anime translators tend to). My only major problem with them is shit like this – when they intentionally warp a line to show how funny they are. It’s juvenile, but I don’t think it’s actually representative of their overall translation quality.

      • Well, there’s a reason Nyaatorrents has a blue line for the “best” release. Commie is generally fine, it’s true, but Vivid is both better, and comes out earlier.

        It’s like this, Crunchyroll (Horriblesubs) > Commie / GG > UTW / Mazui / FFF / Vivid, in general.

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