Free! – Episode 6

Hey gang! Hope you liked last week’s present, cause this week you’re getting NOTHING. That’s right, no cards up my sleeve, no conceits in reserve, I just got off a ten hour shift in my first week back from my two week vacation and I’m sipping this here beer and I’m straight-up gunslinging. Off the cuff, off the chain, no refills, no refunds. Wait, yes refills. Many such. Rei’s out getting himself drowned in the goddamn ocean and Makoto’s drowning under Tragic History and basically everybody’s drowning under the sexual tension of Haru-chan x Water-kun. Enough dilly dallying it’s time for FREE.

Episode 6

0:30 – Urobuchi approves of this plot turn. 

And seriously, I’m beginning to doubt Haru’s philosophy of playing his cards so close to the vest. If Makoto’s the only overtly competent Free!, I don’t know how any of them will get out of this alive

1:11 – Just think, this may very well be the last time .

Also not really sure how his chest is supposed to work, there. Just checked my own chest for reference, and failed to notice any carapace-esque bone structure

That’s right, downgrading from lunatic concept pieces to complaining about unflattering frames of animation. On firetonight!

2:19 – YES. OUR HERO RISES . May or may not be losing my grip on reality here, cause I don’t think I’ll be able to revert to non-Yagami  Haru at this point

2:41 – Just a moment to survey the scene,  but the conclusion is obvious. Rei’s foolish pride, Makoto’s generous heart… dear god, has my tower crumbled so soon?

I can’t help it you guys what is wrong with meee

2:50 – Boys may not go to the restroom together, but Frees sure do 

3:00 – Both dead, of course.  The grief washes over me for a moment, and is swiftly replaced by disappointment. This will surely complicate getting to regionals

3:17 – Water-kun has betrayed Haru-chan . Not sure I can watch this

4:44 – No bullshit here. I’m amazed they’ve shifted from the usual shenanigans to making this scene work , even if genre-awareness means I know Rei and Nagisa were saved by a friendly manatee or something

4:57 – “At least… we’ll always have… the doujins…” 

5:18 – AHAHA oh man trolled so hard . You want that kissu? Too fuckin’ bad 

5:32 – It really is amusing the tropes this show is playing with 

6:32 – Sure, I almost drowned… but more importantly, Makoto seemed really upset . It’s good these guys are keeping their narrative priorities straight

7:01 – Jeez Makoto, freezing up when you see your friend drowning?  What kind of goddamn sissy sad-sack are you?

7:24 – Jesus christ that body.  How old is Makoto again? Well, I guess technically we’re counting in Yoko-years 

7:40 – What is my takeaway supposed to be from this scene?  Is it just latent angry-nerdy-teenagerdom that makes me see all masculine bonding as incredibly sexual?

7:50 – Wow, way to ruin the mood  you goddamn second-string wobble-chests

8:11 – This wishy-washy male bonding shit has gone on long enough . First Makoto propositions him, now everybody’s all touchy-feely about Rei’s feelings… this is bullshit. Haru is laying down the fucking law 

8:37 – This drama is so silly. It’s a good thing nobody’s paying attention to what they’re talking about 

8:46 – 10,000 BDs or bust!  That pause actually made me laugh out loud


9:27 – Oh thank god someone said something 

10:19 – Great work KyoAni. You are living up to your potential 

10:48 – What is this show. What am I doing with my life 

11:35 – Sure, why not. Aprons for everybody!  Get it all out, Free

12:16 – Wait, how the fuck did they find edible mackerel in an abandoned lighthouse? Goddamnit these plot holes. My suspension of disbelief is lying in tatters

13:41 – I think I’ve only just realized what “like K-On, but with boys”  actually implies. There is no end to this suffering

13:50 – And you thought they’d deny you shouta Rei! 

14:53 – Ohmygod yes HaruxWater CANON MOTHERFUCKERS 

15:37 – Seriously, is this what this genre is actually like?  I hate you. All of you. I hate every single one of you.Damnit KyoAni

17:52 – I like all of this . He wasn’t even that close to the man, but it was still an affecting childhood experience. Not overplayed, but still understandable. Nice work

19:09 – Theirs are the chests that will pierce the heavens. 

Ugh, cheap joke. Gimme a do-over

19:46 – Alright, yes, we’ve bonded.  Great work, team

20:39 – I have to admit he has lovely eyes 

And Done

Jeez, that episode was… pretty dull. Right? Am I right? Seriously, great, fisherman story, we got Makoto’s tragic history out, but… well, as I clearly stated in the user manual, KyoAni’s slice of life stuff bores me to tears. And make no mistake, this episode was slice of life as fuck – bonding moments, sewing circles, lighthearted haunted lighthouses… Goddamn, you guys, this show isn’t pulling any punches. Here’s hoping we make it out of this alive.