C3-bu – Episode 7

Alright, C3-bu. You’ve done it. You tricked me with your Gainax pedigree, you tricked me with your well-crafted first episode, and you tricked me with your totally insane fourth one. You’ve strung me along with idle promises for half a season, and you’ve successfully tricked me into just liking you for your own merits.


Episode 7

0:36 – Holy shit. Is Yura’s need for acceptance gonna drive her to start juicing with illegally powered-up airsoft guns? 

1:55 – This show certainly plays pretty fast and loose with its tone . Moe bonding to sniper fire in five seconds flat

3:51 – Illegally modified guns? Eren Yura don’t give a shit .

4:27 – Looking for more cake? Well too bad, the school festival is over 

4:50 – Well they’re certainly playing up Rin as the would-be assassin. Which of course means she was just there to protect them from the assassin or something. Unless they’re actually playing this straight, in which case holy shit, the rival just tried to kill those girls

5:11 – I’m glad they actually address her case of almost got hit by a car syndrome , plenty of shows pretty much accept “almost got hit by a car” as cause for a serious injury all on its own

6:36 – Okay, now they’ve already guessed it’s Rin, that pretty much guarantees it’s not her

8:18 – Ah, the classic “pour out your worries to your not-actually-sleeping role model”  maneuver. A genre staple

9:56 – If they keep talking about this studying thing I’m gonna stop believing this is actually a Japanese school 

Alternate joke: “Yeah, studying ass! So… so we can kick it. At the tournament.”

11:13 – And her coup is a success.  In their leader’s name their leader is abandoned. This is some Orwellian shit right here

12:26 – The transformation is complete.  Fun is dead

14:04 – Yesss, Yura.  Forget their petty complaints. It’s all for the greater good!

18:40 – This would all be more impressive  if anime hadn’t already taught me there’s nothing more powerful than a team of little girls

And Done

Wow, Rin’s a dick. Anyway, pretty slow episode today, since aside from that early sniper fire it was basically all slowly showing Yura’s descent to the dark side. Which I guess is necessary for the story, but kinda standard stuff without much flourish, so not the most exciting thing to watch. Next week should be fun, though.

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