Monogatari S2 – Episode 8

So, Araragi and Shinobu, time travelling buddy cops trying to find their way back to the future. Or, as various people have pointed out, simply waiting for the future to happen on its own, since technically neither of them actually age. But wouldn’t that result in double Araragis and double Shinobus? I guess they could always just wait until present day again and then kill their doppelgangers… or wait, no, they don’t have to, they can just wait until the extra ones (not extra technically, just them in the future-past) head back in time. And that works whether this is a new timeline or simply a point in the past on the original one. Problem solved!

I like time travel.

Episode 8

1:03 – Baiting Kizu once again. KyoAni have some competition in the troll olympics

1:56 – These two have a great dynamic. Actually, most of the characters in this show have a pretty decent rapport, outside of Nadeko I guess. One of the many things that makes this a harem-but-not-really – I mean, structurally it is a harem (well, more of a supernatural/psychological thriller in a harem shell), and everybody pretty much loves Araragi, but almost all the conversations are an even back-and-forth based on friendship, not romantic tension. In fact, many conversations seem to possess sexual tension but not romantic tension, which is much more rare in anime, or at least rarely done in a way that isn’t just fetishizing a character for the sake of the audience. And legitimately good banter is a precious thing.

3:37 – Eh, lesser OP. I wonder if we’ll get another Platinum Disco?

4:01 – For the plot to work, obviously. That’s how time travel always works.

Incidentally, holy fuck does getting precise screencaps suck in this damn stream.

5:23 – Yeah, because saving a little girl 11 years ago isn’t going to affect anything else. Araragi is not a very good time traveler. Then again, if anyone ever was, time travel stories would be exceedingly boring

5:56 – Goddamnit Araragi. For someone who was expressing questions of parallel timelines an episode ago, you sure are flippant about making massive shifts to the course of peoples’ lives. His martyr complex is not gonna do history any favors

6:13 – I can’t believe Shinobu is the one talking sense into him

7:19 – Yes. This is how the butterfly effect works

7:36 – This makes no sense literally, so I have to assume we’re digging at the theme of this arc. Much like that first conversation about red versus green lights. Which works well with Hachikuji’s existence as an apparition, an eternal red light who can never proceed. Not that they’ll necessarily take it there, but Isin tends to scatter a whole lot of relevant Lego pieces, so I generally just poke pieces into each other until they seem to fit

8:57 – Goddamnit you two stawp

9:59 – Loli Hanekawa. We have jumped the shark

10:18 – Man, Shinbou and his sweet visual gags. A montage of street signs to simulate the experience of rolling down the street. Nice

11:04 – You’re fired. You’re fired. Everyone’s fired

12:36 – If you want to stop being mistaken for a pervert, you should stop being such a goddamn pervert, Araragi

12:38 – This entire episode is just fanservice of Araragi and Shinobu being adorable together. THEY’VE FOUND MY WEAKNESS

13:15 – Very nice

13:44 – Everyone involved is enjoying this arc far too much. New team: also fired

16:26 – Our hero

16:46 – Yes, Araragi. By all means, convince her you’re no one suspicious

17:52 – This is such an insane changeup from the last arc. But I guess Hanekawa arcs are heavy psychological drama, and Hachikuji arcs are pretty close to straight comedy

21:46 – I love the shrine’s color scheme

And Done

Oh jeez, saving a life fucked up the entire present. WOOPSIE-DAISY ARARAGI. Goddamnit. You can’t express some understanding of time travel dynamics and then BREAK THE ONE FUCKING RULE OF TIME TRAVEL. Jesus. What am I gonna do with these kids