Gatchaman Crowds – Episode 8

I’m hearing all sorts of crazy nonsense about this episode. Let’s just get to it.

Episode 8

0:32 – No mincing words today! 

1:32 – This is kinda interesting.  Well, first, I love all the quirky little details of their apartment, and this shot is a great example of that. But more critically, this line sort of points to how OD has consistently been cast as both the one actual hero in the old model (as in, someone the characters could completely rely on and surrender individual agency to if the situation became desperate enough), and also as the central father figure among the cast (though Joe performs this role for Sugane), which may amount to the same thing. OD’s protection is able to shelter them, but Hajime’s meeting of equals allows Utsutsu to become self-reliant

Also yeah that’s a pretty ominous line for him to be saying

2:21 – Is OD attempting to perform Hajime’s role? 

2:35 – Yerp 

3:07 – One blunt line from Sugane is worth three Pai-OD conversations. 

3:22 – Again, we’ve covered this,  but “having fun” is Hajime for something closer to “achieving your purpose,” and is generally tied to the kind of social connection and service Hajime idolizes (though Katze has his own priorities, obviously). Great related post by /u/SohumB from last week

4:01 – She’s never thought much of Pai’s leadership, but now she’s ignoring it completely 

4:34 – Oof.  Double blow for Rui

6:20 – Well, Rui’s problem is obviously that he centralized power in his own way, and now he’s paying the price for that.  But X being a central intelligence is less interesting than X being an automated process used only to facilitate natural social and civic connections. The question of whether Rui’s ultimate goal is flawed or not can’t be engaged merely by abusing his admittedly hypocritical means. Kinda disappointed about that

8:32 – Fortunately Hajime always keeps things interesting 

8:35 – Pai’s pretty much already surrendered leadership 

9:04 – Joe continues to play from a hero’s journey script  decades behind the times

9:12 – But like Utsutsu, Sugane has learned not to rely on mentors/superiors 

10:03 – Hajime finally gets her wish.  Rui’s plan might work out after all, though not with his tools

13:12 – Sugane’s great with the kids 

13:47 – It seems like Berg-Katze wants people to distrust and destroy each other, so I guess Hajime is pre-establishing that this discord is coming from an outsider?  Announcing the Gatchaman also works to reduce their own mistique as untouchable heroes, which somewhat weakens Katze’s body-stealing (since that’s more powerful the more important the stolen body is, as shown with Rei)

14:13 – Oh she’s just getting all kinds of value out of this 

15:34 – Well there’s really no helping that 


19:49 – They’re going a little deep on the fun theory here.  So I guess he’s thinking Hajime’s society taps into a kind of honesty of communal spirit and happiness best exemplified through the even ground of childhood

And Done

Interesting episode. At the moment, the show seems more down on the social networking than I’d figured it would be, and siding largely with Hajime in emphasizing the power of equal, face-to-face connection. I kinda hope not all the pieces are in place at this point – Rui’s ideal world is fascinating, so I’m hoping GALAX won’t just be pure antagonist from now on.

The difference between 26 and either Hajime or Rui is still pretty interesting. Hajime and Rui both use that “fun” argument, talking in terms of the inherent satisfaction and good-feeling of collaborating and building a better future. In contrast, this episode 26 was basically talking about his work in terms of compensation for services rendered. The show’s philosophy seems to lean towards this being the wrong way to frame improving the world, but as with last time, the situation just isn’t that simple for him – he’s not just greedy, he has a kid and a mortgage and is far past the point where he could simply start over. Influencing the next generation through reaching the children is nice and all, but it doesn’t fix his world, and the distance between Hajime or Rui’s ideals and the practical realities of many of the people they’d wish to have adopt them is something I’d love to see the show continue to address.

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