C3-bu – Episode 10

Well this show just got like fifty thousand times better. Still catching up, and episode 11 actually just came out, so I ain’t got time for chit-chat. All I know is that Yura is through with the petty joys and insufficient power of the C3 club. She is stronger now, wiser, hungrier. The fire is in her, and it will not be sated with tea and cakes. Now there shall be a reckoning.

Oh my god so good. Every moe show should end this way. This is amazing. Roll the episode!

Episode 10

0:11 – These guys know how to have fun[1]  . Isn’t that right, Rikka?[2]  


Isn’t this some kinda school club violation though?

3:41 – Honestly, this seems pretty badass[4]  . I guess her abruptly dropping C3 wasn’t that cool, but hey, she wants to take her hobbies seriously. Is that such an evil source of confidence? I mean, it being the foundation of her confidence is a problem, but being badass at airsoft doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world

4:26 – YURA YOUR POWERS ARE LEGEND[5]  . That blue flame wasn’t fuckin’ kidding – spinning leap with three direct hits, huh?

4:53 – Even these moments feel more real than what I’ve seen of the KyoAni school[6]  

5:20 – Ahaha this shot is great.[7]   She’s a mad dog now… guess I’m gonna have to put her down

6:38 – You’re a loose cannon, Yura![8]   Hand in your badge, you’re on medic duty ‘til further notice. And don’t gimme that look!

7:22 – Man, I hope this is an accurate translation.[9]   “Fuck this game.”

10:18 – Damnit, coach, I’m better than them! You know I am! Why do I have to fight with those zeros?!?[10]  

If you’re gonna play genre tricks, play them fast and play them with flare. Free doesn’t understand this at all, and labors out the most obvious plot points this genre’s got. C3-bu is bouncing between set pieces quickly and grounding traditional storytelling tropes in an extremely well-established character. Man oh man did I underestimate this show

10:37 – I want to win! I have to win! What am I if I don’t win?![11]  

10:45 – Seems like she understands Yura better than C3 ever did, at least[12]  

11:06 – Perfect time for an extended shot.[13]   Seems like someone at Gainax still understands the value of an extended shot, even if Anno’s gone budget-crazy at this point

11:19 – This show is getting so good[14]  . It is abusing the fuck out of this genre frame to tell a pretty heartbreaking personal story. In fact, it’s pretty much illustrating my guiding principle on resonant storytelling: plot is mere details, character is the window to resonance

11:34 – And they transition seamlessly into the next shot[15]  . Where did all this brilliant stuff come from?

11:55 – Dear lord.[16]   I will bleed out my weakness

12:25 – God damn is she hardcore[17]  

12:56 – Finally one of them realizes she has pretty serious psychological issues[18]  . Get her the fuck out of this gulag, Rento

13:07 – The other Meiseis look on in envy.[19]   Their memories of kindness are fleeting, vague

13:26 – This show is breaking my heart[20]  . The acuity of its portrayal of Yura has always been one of its greatest strengths, but I never expected them to commit this fully or handle it this well

13:43 – We Meisei now[21]  

16:09 – No of course she’s not fucking fighting for the team I thought you weren’t a complete idiot the girl needs help[22]  

Rin apparently really is just a dick. She clearly took Yura on because she was too obsessive about winning – now she’s trying to make her lose the ego and the obsession with victory?

17:05 – They are weak. LEAVE THEM![23]  

17:16 – Good. More blood[24]  

18:01 – Yeah, seriously, what gives?[25]   Are you just another disappointment, Rin?

18:13 – Droppin truth like bombs o shit[26]  


18:42 – IT IS TRUE, YURA.[28]   Look inside yourself. CLAIM YOUR MANTLE[29]  

19:14 – Nothing like a train at sunset[30]   for taking a long hard look at yourself[31]  

20:46 – What a great show this is turning out to be[32]  

21:09 – They’ve referenced these mom calls a bunch of times now[33]  . Wonder what they’re doing with it

21:28 – Ah, that[34]  

21:49 – That is not an overshirt. That is a cape and shoulderpads[35]  

And Done

Holy shit that was an episode. The rise and fall of Darth Yura was quite a sight to see. On the one hand, they’re pushing genre turns so hard that normally they’d break, and the effect is somewhat funny. But on the other hand, this is so strongly grounded in Yura’s actual incredibly strong and already well-articulated insecurities that it really comes off as legitimately tragic. There were weak episodes here and there, but this central thread is bulletproof (no pun intended), and they are making the most of it. Alright, next episode gimme gimme