C3-bu – Episode 9

Alright, catching up on moesoft. Actually, that’s not fair – C3-bu is far more of a sports show than a blob show, and the work they’re doing with Yura is definitely pretty solid. But anyway, two episodes behind at this point, so no time for chitchat. Show us the dark side, Yura.

Episode 9

2:21 – Still mixed on this show. On the one hand, it is playing with its genre in a way most sports shows don’t – Free is playing itself completely by the book, and even Girls und Panzer (which I think blows this show away on a pacing/action level, unfortunately) pretty much played its story straight (though it executed that well too). You really don’t get protagonists this damaged in most sports shows – or at least, their motivation is normally more than just “holy shit please don’t leave me alone!” That’s interesting. The problem is, I don’t really find it that interesting – Yura’s journey is nice, but everything outside of it is a pretty standard and only competently executed frame, and the sports genre is just not a particularly rich one. Oh, it can be good – I think GuP is great popcorn, and I think Cross Game is actually a truly beautiful work, but I feel the base elements of the genre don’t inherently lend themselves to greatness. One good character does not a compelling sports drama make.

3:07 – They really do great work with her character.  That fear of disappointing people that makes honest interaction impossible… tough stuff

4:13 – OUT, DAMN SPOT! 

…holy shit, I don’t think I’m wrong. I think this is actually a Macbeth reference.

4:39 – Can’t wash away dem sins, Yura 

5:23 – Awesome.  No dragging it out. Yura’s tougher than she looks

6:52 – Please enjoy your stay at the Meisei Academy Training Gulag 

7:55 – These guys are being surprisingly mercenary about this whole thing 

10:09 – Really liking this scene.  The team’s justifiably sick of being understanding for Yura – we know she’s insecure as all hell, but to them she was just acting like a jerk. And here’s Kanbaru offering the same advice she did the first time they fought Meisei – “that’s fine, but don’t you dare fuck up again.” No unrealistically understanding happy sunshine moe fun here – they’re teenagers, not her therapists, and the peace they’ve given her is a fragile thing

Man, this episode is actually working better as a takedown of slice of life’s usual bullshit than the other episodes did as a takedown of the traditional sports arc. Really nice work today


11:06 – knew it! Devious! 

12:01 – All according to keikaku… 

12:26 – There is a darkness inside you.  Do not fear it. Embrace it! It makes you strong

12:39 – Admit it! You want that power. Speak honestly or I’ll kill you where you stand 

12:54 – Yesss 

14:22 – Amused 


15:44 – What could these fools know of glory?!? 

16:05 – What a wacky misunderstanding! 

16:58 – Yesss.  Even your mentor was but a child before my tutelage. If you seek true power, you must join ME

18:33 – Run, Sona! You’re going to lose her! 

Aw man, this drama is so much fun

19:00 – As you might have noticed, I am hella tormented 

19:46 – What is this backstory?  Some mysterious mustachioed stranger taught seven-year-old girls the wonder and mystery of airsoft? Fine. Whatever. We’re going with it

20:11 – This is the best.  So surreal. This episode is doing so much work

20:20 – YESSSSS.  HE WAS WEAK. And I love how Sona’s all like, “but anyway, then she got a generic brooding antihero background, or whatever”

21:06 – Look, Yura, I get that you’re excited and all, but we’re talking about recreational imitation rifles here 

21:34 – She is the one of prophecy. Wielder of the blue flame! 


21:49 – I’ve outgrown your games, sensei 

And Done

And thus a great alliance was sundered . Oh my god that was so good. I’m not even mad about the lack of world-breaking at the moment, this show taking itself so insanely seriously is possibly even better. Airsoft is life. Airsoft is death. AIRSOFT IS POWER