The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 11

Very excited for this one. Glorious confrontation, glorious consequences. Chihiro actually learning what Keima is has to be one of the best possible directions they could take this – she’s always had one of the best honest rapports with Keima, and I think promoting her to series regular would make the usual dynamic much more entertaining.

Either way, Keima’s probably gonna get hit again. Win-win!

Episode 11

2:06 – SHOW ME.  Look, we get it, Ayumi has boobs

2:37 – See? Already part of the gang 

3:01 – I like this show for its mature humor 

3:13 – Additional mature humor 

4:12 – So is Chihiro here  because he actually feels regret about how he handled things, and wants to show her what’s really going on? I mean, that’s what I want the show to do, but…

4:37 – First you think  “Jeez, this all sounds pretty weird out-of-context,” then you realize context doesn’t actually really help

5:12 – Hurraaay 

5:44 – Aw you ain’t gotta play coy girl 

5:53 – Ahaha so great.  This was my original favorite thing about this series – “So if I position myself on this stupid turtle-rock and wave the panties, that’ll force a classic ‘love interest stumbles into my arms’ variant 273.4”

5:56 – “Execution: Adequate” 


6:56 – “Is it really that surprising?  Parks are effective in over 75% of most archetypal scenarios. I know, pretty romantic”

7:23 – I love how we get ten to fifteen seconds of romance cliche  in between each flight from sinister hell-demons

7:40 – This is some of Keima’s best work.  “Next, I will seduce someone whilst juggling seven angry geese”

8:00 – Welp, guess we know how this is going to end.  Chihiro’s gonna have to pull her weight on the team, likely by “giving him away” in some suitably theatrical manner

10:20 – Yesss goood.  If Chihiro ends up getting mind-wiped or something, I am gonna be so pissed

10:39 – Wow, that is some superhuman-level understanding there 

11:29 – Her wingman powers will need refinement.  Yesss. YEEESSSSSS.

12:41 – Ohoho glorious.  Consequences, Keima

13:50 – Hurray for violence 

15:30 – “Yeah no it’s cool, just chillin’ on this topsail . You?”

16:13 – Chihiro is really elevating this show . She’s multifaceted and can understand Keima’s thought process, but she still acts as a great foil to his perspective. Definitely my favorite character here

16:53 – Wait nevermind Keima best character 

17:28 – This is what happens when Keima comes on too strong 

18:13 – His logic is infallible 

18:35 – Yes, Keima, by all means, turn it into a game of one-upmanship with the Sports Girl 

19:17 – Technically he hates everyone 

19:29 – Captain Good Decisions 

19:57 – Great face.  That’s Keima’s third hit this episode!

20:52 – Nora is beyond finished with this shit 

And Done

Whew! Great episode, mainly because Chihiro’s the best, but it also had a bunch of great scattered gags with Keima and Ayumi. Where are they going with this? Are they implying Keima’s actual feelings are keeping him from properly selling his usual fake ones? Will Keima have to confess his true, undying love to Chihiro in order to get his game-face back? Will I continue to optimistically predict every single plot turn moves in a pro-Chihiro direction?

Well, yeah, that goes without saying.