C3-bu – Episode 12

Last act guys. Will Yura finally learn to accept herself, or will this all turn out to have been one continuous delusion? The line between fiction and reality seems kinda shaky in her tortured-ass head, and this episode is being directed by the same guy who handled #4. After this fantastic last act, I get the feeling this show is going to end extremely strong, so let’s just get to it.

Episode 12

1:15 – Love this shot and the music.  Selling stuff like moe airsoft as something worth being invested in is an uphill battle, but they’ve done it spectacularly

3:26 – Finally, a worthy opponent 

3:56 – Adorable 

4:39 – I was just about to think, “man, that’s pretty on-the-nose” with the “I’m home” stuff, and then they get even more ridiculous . Great sense of fun this episode, especially considering what we just jumped out of

5:21 – Good gag.  They’re also using a ton of great faces this week – very classically Gainax

6:44 – Again, this show’s self-awareness is wonderful 

8:01 – I’m learning so much about proper airsoft technique 

9:02 – Yura’s powers grow even stronger 

10:45 – One of the most poignant moments is handled with a single sentence . Class

11:46 – This director leads the next one, k? 

12:42 – Yeah this is pretty much all I’ll be doing today 

13:16 – Man, really didn’t see this episode coming. You got me good, Gainax

14:50 – Oh god.  Oh shit you guys It’s Happening 

15:40 – Yura killed everyone and this is airsoft heaven 

16:50 – Everyone is crazy what is happening oh jesus 

17:42 – Oh god it’s true everyone’s dead this is an acid flashback 

19:11 – NOW KISS 

Sorry. Pretty much any provocation will do that

21:25 – Ending with the same song, mirroring the first episode’s opening.  Again, class

And Done

Great finale. Completely unexpected but actually totally appropriate. Yura hit the turn last week, so this was just reveling in actually having honest fun with her friends. And it was nicely structured, and very funny, and had great facial expressions, and the world even went crazy again for a little while and fuck if the show’s explaining any of that. Very satisfied. Alright, let’s make this brief.

…and now I check the comments and realize I missed a next-episode preview. Well, it’s probably gonna be a silly bonus episode kinda thing, so hopefully the fact that I just wrote my damn review won’t bite me in the ass. Fuck. Cya next week.