Attack on Titan – Episode 21

Welp, time for episode 21, or as I’ve surmised from reactions around the internet, “The One They Spent All the Money On.” Sweet! My body is extremely ready to see a lot of money turned into a lot of animation. How will they handle the spy?!

Episode 21

3:10 – …and now, three minutes in, the recap finally concludes. Jeez, they better throw some money at the screen. Damn shounens…

5:38 – I do so love it when the smart characters talk.  It’s much easier to feel engaged in the conflict when I feel the protagonists are making intelligent choices for intelligent reasons, as opposed to losing because they’re just dumb as fuck

6:34 – Interesting conclusion.  Again, nice to see characters accept new information (the titans are intelligent, and it’s likely many of them are human) and immediately work out its implications

8:01 – Sweet 

8:40 – Really nice back-and-forth here.  Erwin’s calm conclusions directly playing off the decisions Eren’s making instinctually

8:58 – This really isn’t the time to be offended by his lack of faith in your friendship.  Goddamnit, shounens

10:56 – They are pretty badass.  This feels like the kind of scene this director was born for

11:47 – Aw man, she was faking!  Oh that tricksy titan…

12:16 – Shit!  I was starting to like these guys, too

13:08 – They weren’t lying.  This is quite the episode

14:21 – Well, it’s not really the show I wanted, but I guess I’ll accept giant titan wars 

15:16 – This is not a nice episode 

16:52 – Kinda funny that this is taking back two full episodes of character development,  but I actually like that Eren’s becoming more set in his incredibly wrongheaded ways. Even negative development is good development

17:46 – Nice to see Eren in such a good mood 

19:30 – Holy shit you guys.  That was… that was definitely a fight. Damn

19:43 – Dear lord 

20:05 – Not buying it.  Sorry show, but you cashed in your ability to make me afraid for Eren’s life a dozen episodes ago

20:56 – Berserker Mikasa is awesome 

21:32 – She and Eren share so many common interests 

22:04 – Female titan fucked with the wrong protagonists 

22:20 – Her anger makes her strong 

And Done

Man! What an exciting episode! Fast-paced, tons of extremely sharply animated setpieces, and… yeah, that’s pretty much all it needed. Pure, glorious action entertainment, complete with some pretty shocking losses for the good guys. Still can’t believe they killed my favorite character . Ah well, such is life. NOW GIVE ME MORE DEATH