Attack on Titan – Episode 24


Alright, I’m sure the army has some kind of backup plan here. And last episode managed the excellent trick of being an extremely entertaining twenty minutes without spending absurd amounts of animation budget. So I’m quite excited to see where they go with this – frankly, the fact that the army went so completely all-in on their Annie hypothesis (putting the words of Erwin and Armin into action) is by itself quite exciting, and demonstrates the overall military apparatus being both more intelligent and more decisive than we’ve seen previously. Does this mean we get more Pixis? Possibly a spirited brofist between Pixis and Erwin? A boy can dream.

Episode 24

0:39 – Sweet frame 

2:44 – Endlessly sensitive Levi 

3:04 – Another shot of that injury Mikasa forced on him . I wonder who’s gonna sacrifice themselves to save him when that injury comes back up. Or hell, maybe it’ll even become relevant when he titanifies

Sorry. Speculation be silly

5:03 – Oh man so much suspense 

5:23 – Well that’s pretty horrifying . A nice shot

5:34 – Great sequence. Using the titans well here 

6:14 – On a scale from one to “about to be dead”… 

6:20 – Ayup 

6:48 – They are really hammering on that “victory requires massive risks” bit 

7:52 – It’s cool Eren I hear this happens to lots of guys 

…sorry. That was beneath me

7:57 – But c’mon we all know Mikasa’s thinkin’ it 

8:26 – Mikasa is very sympathetic to his problems 

9:56 – Levi tires of Eren’s episode-padding obstinance 

10:02 – Thank you 

10:29 – This is really nice.  Eren’s the same dumb shounen protagonist he’s always been, but Armin is learning – the ploy in the forest has taught him that victory requires discarding sentimentality to truly see all available options, and the show is immediately putting that character growth into practice. Excellent work

10:34 – Great argument. I can see why the fans like you 

11:22 – They’re also bouncing nicely between the flashback and current situation . The fundamental concept here is kind of annoying, since Eren’s character growth is so sluggish, but they’re giving the scene solid pacing through visual flare and a substantively building argument

11:31 – Seriously it’s cool tell me all about it . Mikasa best yandere

11:57 – This is fantastic.  Yeah, Eren’s too sentimental to be a real soldier yet – so use that. Play off his evenmore pronounced attachment to you two to give him a clear goal. A rational manipulation of his best friend for the sake of the mission – Armin is really coming into his own as a character

12:24 – Mikasa gets all the best shots 

12:53 – Absolutely love this shot 

13:25 – Asleep on the job.  Some hero we got here

13:44 – That’s some good budget right there 

14:01 – Leave it to Captain Life Expectancy 

14:27 – Yesss Levi in a little suuuit 

15:23 – Dat style 

15:57 – Character development, Jean.  Character development happened

17:03 – Pardon me best character comin’ through 

17:09 – Nice shot 

17:53 – It’s time to grow up, Eren 

18:44 – Man, everybody’s getting great moments today 

19:57 – Beautiful 

21:25 – Yesss… gooood… 

And Done

Another great one! The first half of that episode was a little frustrating, since Eren’s development is always so protracted, but it was really satisfying to see Armin’s growth put into action. And that second half! Man! Didn’t think they had that much budget left in them. Very satisfying action, and complemented by little star turns from virtually the entire central cast. Titan is certainly finishing strong.