Kill la Kill – Episode 4

-EDIT- Now that I’ve finished the episode, my original intro seems wholly inappropriate for this ridiculous tone. SO FUCK THAT LET’S KILL LA KILL.

Episode 4

0:30 – The rarely-witnessed quantum fanservice 

4:13 – Dear god I love this show. When the student council aren’t busy actively murdering students, they’re preoccupied being petty dicks to the students their president doesn’t like


4:40 – This all seems remarkably mean-spirited 

4:58 – Because obviously this outfit is much less tolerable than Senketsu. Also all of Mako’s faces are the best

5:10 – The title dude agrees 

5:36 – Oh my god these two are the best how could I not see it before 



6:05 – Goddamn do these people know how to have fun 

6:51 – He looks so adorable in his little gondola. More Mako faces

Jesus this episode is the best. Actually the best. It might get more “epic” from here out, but I have no idea how they’d top this as far as my personal amusement goes. Fuck yeah

7:35 – The absolute lack of anything resembling animation actually makes it even funnier. She’s like a sad puppet on a stick

More great over-the-top music too. Over-the-top: not just for action scenes anymore!

8:12 – It’s all so beautiful 


8:30 – Ryuuko’s got this 

9:44 – How the fuck did we get from last episode to this. Trigger you beautiful bastards


10:50 – They’ve invented a whole new set of architecture for this ridiculousness 


11:09 – This episode is making comedy look really, really easy 

11:46 – All this glorious budget 

12:18 – Everything is just so, so beautiful today 

12:34 – Of course we have a scheming control room scene for this ridiculous scenario 

12:55 – These faces so expressive 


13:41 – Man, they even have the song. It’s still Kill la Kill, but it’s Kill la Kill as some kind of ridiculous slapstick western cartoon hybrid

14:17 – Trigger’s done it again 

14:18 – I can’t breathe this is so ridiculous. This song is so good for this too



14:59 – MAIKO? BUT WHY?!? 


15:29 – Yes of course. The trap development club 

16:37 – Goddamn this show and its disgusting fanservice 


17:29 – Fortunately it’s made up for with all this incredible animation 

17:49 – Ryuuko makes the worst face 

18:00 – This is the new face of anime 

18:24 – Theirs is a strange relationship 


18:34 – Senketsu just hopping along on his skirt-edges 

This whole thing does feel like a really great episode of Looney Tunes spun through a self-aware shounen meat grinder or something. Kind of at a loss for words

19:49 – These kids sure do have their fun 

21:12 – Hard not to love this show 


22:19 – The rest of the class was apparently unimpressed with the morning’s hellish obstacle course. So many classic gags here, too. The last-second crash landing as class begins: good for school bells, elections, or weddings!

And Done

Ahahaha that was fuckin’ brilliant. Kill la Kill, you definitely win this round. We have two seasons and zero budget – what do we do? We put on a hilarious obstacle course slide show, using our mastery of comedic timing and love of classic gags to just barrel the fuck on through. Wonderful performance, Trigger. You’re doing god’s work.

4 thoughts on “Kill la Kill – Episode 4

  1. And here I thought Kill la Kill couldn’t possibly become any more gloriously over-the-top. Best episode of the series by far – which is saying a lot considering how much I enjoyed those previous 3 episodes. Brilliant stuff, Trigger!

    • Oh I wouldn’t say that at all. The first 3 episodes were vital thematically. This is a tremendously high quality side episode, but not as important as the first three to the anime as a whole. I definitely wouldn’t use the adverb “by far” as well.

      • Sorry, I should have been more specific. While I certainly agree that this latest episode wasn’t the most thematically important one of the lot, it was (personally speaking) the most enjoyable.

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