Nagi no Asukara – Episode 4

Last week’s episode was wonderful. This show has actually jumped over the hypewagons (this week’s incredibly Kill la Kill notwithstanding) to be one of my favorites of the season – hopefully it stays this smart and well-paced. We’ve already run through a massive amount of development for Hikari, and it seems like he’s already gained the maturity necessary to let go of Manaka, so I’m eager to see where it goes from here.

Episode 4

3:09 – Well, he’s got the big stuff down, at least.  Still a kid though

Nagi no Asukara

3:22 – The apron and hair piece certainly make this guy look less ridiculous 

3:41 – They grow up so fast 

4:20 – Nicely handled.  Kids can be really shitty to each other, but these guys aren’t monsters. They know they went too far

6:56 – What a charmer 

Nagi no Asukara

8:29 – The two paragons of superhuman understanding finally have a conversation 

8:42 – Not sure how I feel about how superhuman they’re making Tsumugu . On the one hand, yes, there arepeople who are that level-headed and open-minded, and a character like him keeps the plot from descending into dramatic circles. On the other hand, he’s like twelve years old – this level of rational benevolence is pretty incredible for that age

9:30 – Centering this on kids was such a great choice.  The casual cruelty of children and that sense of loss and first nostalgia upon the onset of adolescence are perfect reflections of the fear of cultural loss/invasion and the racism it begets

9:58 – This is adorable 

Nagi no Asukara

10:22 – Manaka: Master of Metaphors 

11:46 – Not the easiest long-distance relationship 

12:10 – Two wrong conclusions jumped to in one episode . Hikari’s not doing so well today…

12:41 – Loaded words 

13:46 – Powerful image.  The only one on her side of the aisle

I like how efficient they’re keeping this flashback. Last week’s flashback was similarly well-paced – only the necessary scenes and details, not bogging it down by trying to manufacture sympathy for sad situations from long ago

Nagi no Asukara

15:05 – Love the architecture.  Their deity-herald seems somewhat ambivalent about perserving his own society – he says this, but his conversation with Akari certainly wasn’t at all down on her choosing to love who she wanted

15:07 – Again, the colors are so nice 

15:38 – If only this part of his brain was able to kick into gear a little faster sometimes 

18:18 – It’s true, he did chest the fuck out of them 


Nagi no Asukara

And Done

Well, that was solid. Not as strong as last week’s, but definitely a fine episode. It’s looking like this Akari conflict is going to be relevant for a while, which does work, though I find the personal drama here somewhat less interesting than the cultural stuff. They’ve also more properly introduced the last couple members of the main cast, which was necessary, if not gripping. I can’t say I’m terribly excited to see a bunch of Chisaki drama – unlike Hikari and Manaka, her problems are pretty specific to her, and don’t make for such interesting reflections on the broader integration issues. But the show has impressed me so far, so I’ll wait and see where they go with it.