Kyousogiga – Episode 3

Not sure how I’m gonna format this. Kinda just want to watch this show straight through. We’ll see!

Episode 3

3:36 – This show is so full of pretty shots gah 


7:38 – Is this the first time he’s opened his eyes? He certainly picked his moment well – the first mention of someone who might know their parents

8:41 – Loving this guy. They really nail his air of calm, imposing authority

9:25 – More of this show’s wonderful music, along with those great watercolor-esque backgrounds 

Incidentally, my Buddhism knowledge is pretty limited, but this all obviously relates nicely to the mirror capital. If I recall correctly, Koto was given her form by a Bodhisattva – a being who has attained an enlightened state, but wishes to remain and shepherd others towards enlightenment. In the context of this show, that seems an awful lot like someone bridging the boundary of the human world and the mirror capital/multiverse – and now we have the oldest brother reciting lore of Tathagatas, beings who have ascended beyond the transitory world. Which again recalls the mirror world, where nothing changes and the human world cannot be touched. Much more of this and the show’s lore will swiftly rise above my pay grade, but it’s a compelling metaphor so far

10:06 – My god this family is so adorable 


10:42 – Moving right along with this show’s efficient characterization, we quickly establish the eldest’s gifts and desires

11:57 – Yeah, they’re very careful with those eyes 

“It’s just the capital.” So him and Myoe really do feel very similarly. Neither of them can stand their comfortable cage

13:00 – More adorableness. Really loving this style of one-character-at-a-time storytelling

13:07 – And another pretty background. These seasons just keep on surprising me…


14:10 – Your world may be fantastical, but if you want the audience to care, your characters’ desires should be human and fundamental 

14:45 – Really love this shot. And the blueprint slumping in his hand – wonderful direction all around

15:31 – This show is so great. Fantastic work for a first-time director (well, lead director, at least)

16:28 – These guys remind me of the FLCL goons 


17:12 – Yeah. Extremely FLCL 

18:23 – Yase has much style. Looking forward to her episode

20:59 – Another very nice background. Love the soundtrack, too. The song during the chase was great


22:37 – So he knows a great deal. And he’s even got an ex-Shrine member on his side. Conspiracies abound!

23:07 – And here we are full circle. Tidy little episode

And Done

Well, not much to say here – that was another great episode from a creative, self-assured, well-directed, smartly written show. This one embraced the lunatic style of the original ONA a bit more fully, but the older brother’s backstory was handled as poignantly as the last two. I hope the current-time events aren’t quite as dominated by wackiness as this episode and the ONA indicated, but if they balance it with the more personal stuff and handle it as well as this episode did, I can’t really complain. Kyousogiga continues to impress.