Kyoukai no Kanata – Episode 6

Well, at this point I think I’m ready for Kyoukai to impress or disappoint or whatever. Clearly expectations are antithetical to the various pieces KyoAni are putting together here, so I’m just giving up on them. Other shows can worry about being insightful or creative or ambitious – as long as KyoAni keeps making this stuff entertaining, I guess I’ll be fine.

Episode 6

0:15 – And we’re off to a roaring start 

0:28 – Fine. Fine. KyoAni, do whatever you want.  See if I care!

I care so much their shows can be so good

Kyoukai no Kanata

2:02 – Huh. So I guess we’re doing some kind of vignette-ish bit this episode?  Normally sitcoms do this kind of thing

2:12 – KyoAni has such great respect for their audience 

2:55 – Of course he has an emergency pair 

Some comments about last week’s episode were complaining about the other characters pretty much directly harassing and abusing Mirai. My answer to that is: yep

2:58 – Ya got me . This show certainly commits to its gags. Probably why I’m not bothered by the abuse myself – the show is very clearly two shows sharing the same time slot, and only the one with blood swords and youkai wants you to care about its characters as people

Kyoukai no Kanata

4:07 – This building’s design is fantastic . Love all the little details of this shop

4:24 – Haha yep . Wacky episodic adventure territory. Fine by me

4:38 – Jeez, these guys really are dicks!  When they’re not sexually harassing Mirai, they’re sending her off to die in battle

4:46 – KyoAni and their actually good direction.  The shot lasts all of a second, but helps establish the isolation of the situation

Kyoukai no Kanata

4:52 – More distance shots.  Generally, horror movie shots attempt to give you little information and to trap you with the characters – to make you feel you’re trapped with them. Here, they’re instead just casting Mirai alone in a massive frame, which works more to make you afraid for her than trapped in the situation

5:25 – Serious dark fantasy yo 

Man, I should have done this a long time ago! It is much easier to enjoy this show while accepting it’s gonna be silly

6:31 – Why did you announce your attack?!  Damn anime characters can’t help themselves

6:39 – Things are really heating up now! 

Kyoukai no Kanata

7:05 – They are pretty cute together 

7:49 – KyoAni have clearly gotten tired of pretending to have a plot 

8:43 – Oh god what is this episode even doing 

8:48 – KyoAni stop gimme the keys 

9:15 – I don’t know what I’m watching anymore 

Kyoukai no Kanata

9:28 – Stop I can’t breathe why KyoAni 

10:31 – This might be KyoAni’s best troll of all time . Their entire empire has been building to this

10:56 – Mitsuki just got the preorder numbers 

11:54 – This is the very weirdest episode 

12:50 – Ahahahah yes 

Kyoukai no Kanata

13:26 – Of course. The obvious solution. 

This is actually by far the most consistent episode of the show so far. KyoAni are clearly very good at some things

13:54 – I never asked for this 

14:43 – What a curiously specific weakness! 

16:27 – Best gag episode, Trigger? Two can play that game 

16:55 – Nothing makes sense anymore 

Kyoukai no Kanata

17:14 – Look KyoAni, if you wanted to make this show in the first place, no one was stopping you.  This show is actually great

17:37 – It’s so glorious 

18:01 – We can do this, team! To Regionals! 

18:08 – Now I’m actually kinda mad we didn’t get this show in the first place.  Though it’d obviously be less funny if the show hadn’t spent five episodes at least pretending to take itself seriously

18:53 – Now I actually like all the characters.  Kind of absurd how much more natural this seems than the other thing

Kyoukai no Kanata

19:33 – Hiromi was born for this 

19:45 – Oh my god we even get the stupid training montage after all 

20:14 – Yes keep training goddamnit sing harder . Endurance!

21:15 – What is even happening in this montage 

Kyoukai no Kanata

21:55 – Brilliant 

And Done

Well, that was… easily by far the best episode of this show. I assume we’ll get back to the stuff the rest of the show cared about next week, but that… that was fantastic. Nice work KyoAni. You know how to have a good time

7 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Kanata – Episode 6

  1. Right.

    They should just make a show about magical spirit warrior idols. I think it would work just the same. The horror bit is when there’ll be a wave of strange deaths from laughing people asses off.

    • I wouldn’t watch it, but KyoAni should really just give in and make the idol show they’ve clearly always wanted to.

  2. Ok, so, I dropped this show last week because I was getting really annoyed by how the show couldn’t decide on what it wanted to be.

    Are you actually saying that it’s now worth watching for the same reason that Kill la Kill is worth watching? Because I might just be able to accept that.

    • I think next week’s going to go back to the genre mishmash, but this week knew EXACTLY what it wanted to be. I’d at least give this one episode a shot.

  3. I love that I stumbled on your blog!!! I just want to share that I have not spazzed the hell out of my brain for a long time! It was funny in such a warmhearted yet tongue-in-cheek kind of way (the writers seem to be poking fun at dramatic scenes about teamwork and friendship in anime series which had me loling)!!!!

    I loved their song and dance, and even the guys worked so hard to be the perfect nondescript background dancers (but with Nase upping the ante a bit with those suave head moves loooooolz!)

    • Yeah, they basically crammed a whole arc of sports-anime-training into that ridiculous hard-work-and-guts montage. It was great.

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