Kill la Kill – Episode 6

Holy shit you fuckers, it’s Thursday. Time for friendship and violence and the power of questionable empowerment. Last episode was great, Ryuuko and Senketsu’s friendship is beautiful, and Mako was glorious as always. I am ready to be dazzled. 

Episode 6

0:09 – Moving right along!  What secrets lie behind the ominous Nudist Beach?!

0:28 – Because it wouldn’t be Kill la Kill without… 

0:46 – Oshit unveiling his true form 


1:02 – Oh god it’s too powerful don’t look directly at them 

I actually do like how this whole “Nudist Beach” nonsense has tied his exhibitionism/sexual harassment into the “don’t let your clothes define you” gobbledigook. Never thought I’d say exposition through stripping works on a narrative and thematic level, but here we are

1:28 – Calm down Ryuuko, we’ve got two whole seasons here.  It’s not like we’re tossing off filler episodeshalfway through our running time 

1:30 – You know I love these shots.  Obviously it’s got the many-layered effect going on, what with the light blooms and painted sunbeams and great texture work in the background. But even the poses of the two characters here are so dynamic – it’s like a dance or something, with the sharp angles of their bodies mirroring and playing off each other. The eye rides all continuous lines to that narrow band of unshadowed space between them. As I’ve said before, if you don’t have the budget to continuously animate, make sure the stills you choose have some goddamn impact


1:56 – Yep, I’ve heard enough 

2:55 – So yeah, obviously this identity/clothing stuff gives these shots  some actual significance. If Trigger wanted to make a show where everything I normally try to ignore is everything I’m contractually obligated to point out, they certainly succeeded!

4:28 – Two giant balls of yarn. Obviously.  Does even their freight elevator have giant spikes coming out of the walls? That seems somewhat unpractical

4:50 – Man I love these designs.  Sharp angles everywhere


5:19 – Oh man, backstory for the four kings?  You know things are getting serious

6:11 – The lighting’s just awesome today.  Another great shot

6:45 – Yesss they’re adorable. Oh my god Gamagori’s haaair 

7:30 – This show has so much goddamn style 

7:49 – Those angles again. Scissors everywhere 


7:56 – And her attack forces him into a bow. Classy 

8:33 – More shots 

10:20 – Oh jeez this episode you guys . That sequence with the song was goddamn fantastic. Building tension for this fight, doubt about Satsuki’s control over her ranks, and… introducing Satsuki’s mother? Alright, I’m on board

10:38 – No playing favorites today! 

10:52 – So his suit involves pretty much entirely concealing his body! Hm!


11:01 – I love Ryuuko’s crazy-eyes 

11:30 – More messing with the perceived size of the opponent to create an imposing impression . He’s big, buthere he’s “holy shit it’s the start of the fight how can we possibly beat this guy” big

11:55 – This is kind of adorable 

12:08 – Damnit, I was just about to write a story centered on this!  Curse you, Kill la Kill

12:44 – These angled dashes are an effective trick.  This show is like a master class in creating dynamic shots with no actual budget


13:04 – These shots are so great.  Animation!

13:24 – Man these lighting effects are great.  More shows should get all stylized and interpretive like this – there’s no reason for animation lighting to always try and mirror filmic lighting


14:15 – Well, at least he doesn’t surrender when he’s lost his clothing-shield.  Also, note Mako stealing the episode

Jeez, one of the Elite Four down! Between that and the introduction of Satsuki’s mother, it’s looking like we really will move into new plot territory soon!


15:04 – Try telling that to Eren Jaeger.  GREATER GOOD, YOU WHINY CHILD


16:33 – LOOK at this goddamn shot!  Love the colors, and this angle is fantastic – we get the opponent with the school rising ominously along with them, but we also get Ryuuko standing tall and dominating the right side of the frame. And again, the composition of the school and ridge of the platform make yet another of those dark scissor angles with the light in between


17:36 – Good ouch face 

18:06 – Pfff, only sewn shut?  Yeah, you’re real hardcore

18:21 – Another great “holy fuck what do I do now” shot 

19:13 – This also could be something.  Not getting caught up in overt appearances allowing him greater power yada yada. Not really much to it though

20:19 – Aw, c’mon, that trick was pretty cool 

21:07 – She has never been more proud 

21:15 – Backgrounds yeaaah 


21:39 – One more for luck 

And Done

Ahh, another fun episode. Lots of stylish shots, action-packed, and we’re finally getting into the Elite Four. This may have just been a tease, but I doubt it – I believe Imaishi specifically said that this show’s scope is going to surprise people, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Elite Four start to go down soon (or some other conflict to surface in the meantime). The clear standouts this week were Gamagori’s old hair and Nonon’s old hat, but there was a lot of other good stuff too. And next week’s apparently the serious-business Mako episode directed by the Death Billiards director. So I guess it’s time to go sit down and wait for that, then.

7 thoughts on “Kill la Kill – Episode 6

  1. I love how you talk also about the art of the show . It’s one of the main reasons why i watch anime but most bloggers seems to just brush over it.

    • Glad you enjoy it! It’s kinda funny, because I’m actually much less qualified to talk about art than storytelling – I haven’t really studied visual theory in an academic setting. But consuming things is a pretty good classroom!

  2. Bobduh! Please do an episode writeup for Kyousougiga episode 5! Aside from the Monogatari ones, those are my favorite.

  3. One thing that I really loved in this episode was how Satsuki and the three of the elite four (god I keep going “Pokemon!” whenever I hear that) looked three years ago as middle school students. I’m not exactly sure how they pulled it off but the character designs nail them looking younger, scrappy, and yet like the most full of themselves, cock-sure middle schooler’s you’ll ever find. It’s a real nice mixture of vulnerability and strength, wonder if we’ll get more flashbacks like that.

    • I hope we do. They do all look adorable in their younger outfits, and I’m sure Satsuki’s recruitment of the other three is a set of stories well worth telling.

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