Kyoukai no Kanata – Episode 7

Well, that was fun. Last week turned out to be a pretty good moment to stop giving a fuck about this show, since KyoAni apparently felt the same way. Stinky Idol Apocalypse was great, but it’s looking like we’re going back to serioustown this week. Not that this changes my resolution – as far I’m concerned, KyoAni and their half-assed commitment to legitimate storytelling can both go to… wherever aesthetically impressive but emotionally sterile shows go. I waited a year for KyoAni to stop twiddling their SoL thumbs and engage, and this is what I’ve got to show for it. I’ve got a stacked roster of shows with legitimate merits and barely one fuck left to give. With tracks or without, I’ll ride this last train to the end.

Episode 7

0:02 – Well that’s a kinda pretty background.  You’re not so bad, Kyoukai

0:16 – Ugh this girl.  Mirai’s backstory is one of the weakest things here, and this girl is basically Mirai’s Backstory: The Character

Sakura Kyoukai no Kanata

1:38 – I remember when the clear symbolism gave me hope this show would be good . Back before the war. Back before the bombs fell

2:04 – More lovely, ominous environments.  I wonder if KyoAni could do a committed horror show? This show has certainly dabbled in moments that really hit that atmosphere nicely

3:02 – So yeah, that’s confirmed.  Sakura sucks at spirit powers, so she relies on her giant spear-rocket-machine gun, which apparently eats monster souls. Nothing too surprising there

3:20 – Is that just a really Dark Flame Master way of saying the bell belonged to her dead sister? 

3:42 – Tumblr demands KyoAni produce Naked Salary Men Season 1 

Kyoukai no Kanata

3:50 – I actually love how over-the-top these guys’ attitudes are . Most of this show’s best single elements are the ones that clash most strongly with its other elements – in this case, Akihito and Hiromi being lecherous, harassment-friendly assholes works great for over-the-top gags, but less great when you’re expected to actually take these characters and their relationships seriously

4:12 – Pictured: Bad People 

4:49 – Pictured: What KyoAni Are Good At 

Not that I should really knock the power to portray friends just dicking around. Making small talk seem natural is a lot harder than it sounds.

5:47 – Also great.  I’d love if they resolved the disconnect between this show’s two shows through shit like “our class has a wacky, mysterious transfer student who wants your blood

6:16 – Joke’s on you Mirai, Akihito and Hiromi are already the cutest couple 

Kyoukai no Kanata

6:57 – Asking the tough questions 

7:14 – What a goofball!  Well, at least this won’t have any unintended consequences

7:53 – Other things KyoAni are good at 

9:51 – Well ain’t that a thing.  Is the final foe lurking their way into view?

10:26 – I wasn’t having dinner with the girl trying to kill you or anything! W-w-what a wacky misunderstanding! Again, yes, please just have these two halves get ridiculous like this

10:43 – I have a plan! Get in the box! 

Kyoukai no Kanata

11:11 – KyoAni just can’t help themselves 

12:22 – Sighs, takes a deep breath, and truthfully explains the situation?!  Akihito is leveling up!

13:08 – Nevermind he’s leveling back down 

14:22 – Well, uh, that’s pretty conclusive . Mystery solved!

15:49 – I guess melting your friend’s sister is one solution 

Kyoukai no Kanata

16:24 – Mirai’s certainly toughened up.  Kinda convenient reasoning, though

16:42 – Shots like this make me want to see KyoAni attempt a dark fantasy show or something 

-meanwhile at KyoAni- 

16:53 – Not even symbolism can cheer me up 

17:10 – Mirai  is not taking your shit 

17:21 – There’s the shot. I’m still perfectly fine with the direction of these scenes, personally. Good weight to the clashes, and stuff like this is beautiful

Kyoukai no Kanata

18:17 – Mirai gets to show off for once 

18:52 – Because, I mean, seriously. Did you see that shit? I wouldn’t blame you 

20:50 – And Mirai’s harem continues to grow 

21:11 – Aww, who I am kiddin’. I love this kinda shit 

21:46 – Pretty 

Kyoukai no Kanata

22:08 – But that’s…! 

And Done

Welp, that was pretty par for the course. Nice silly gags through the first half, a few cute scenes between our Literature Club regulars, and then some pretty, flashy action scenes. Sakura was basically a non-entity up ‘till now, and given what we’ve seen of her pre-murderous self seems likely to stay that way, but it all stayed entertaining. Mirai has kinda become the actual protagonist these last few episodes, which is interesting – basically as soon as she hit her character turn, she became the one actively pulling this group together. Which I’m actually a big fan of, since normally these KyoAni shows stick so closely to the Akihito-esque perspective.

Anyway. Storms and such on the horizon, the dude with the emo-hipster hair up to no good, and Mirai successfully recruiting all the girls in town. Sounds like fun times ahead!

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  1. >>22:08 – But that’s…!

    Yes. That. That thing that instills the utmost fear in us.

    Title Drop.


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