Kill la Kill – Episode 7

Mako time motherfuckers. The gods of Trigger have promised us Mako, and the lesser gods of staff list info have indicated this episode’s possibly being directed by the director of Death Billiards (which was great and only one episode, go watch it after this). In spite of what various deviants and bottomfeeders would have you believe, Mako is the best goddamn thing about this show, and logic thus dictates this will be the best goddamn episode. Grab the whiskey, pass me the gin. Let’s Kill la Kill.

Episode 7

0:12 – MAKO TIME 

Mako Kill la Kill

0:33 – Wait a second. This music. This idyllic family scene. Almost as if they’re intentionally highlighting how peaceful and not-dead everyone here currently is, or something

…oh no

0:53 – No don’t talk about it you’re making it worse!


1:12 – This is some fucked up shit you are pulling Trigger

3:01 – Just chillin’ on the giant mysterious school-chain-thing 

Kill la Kill

4:28 – For all its eccentricities, the Academy actually has a remarkably accommodating club formation policy 

4:47 – Wow, Ryuuko’s actually thinking the same thing. Love her ‘yeah, what of it?’ pose here

5:10 – You dare besmirch our school’s dedication to student activities?! 

5:17 – That’s what I thought 

Kill la Kill

5:51 – Only Kill la Kill is intense enough to depict the relevant bureaucracy 

6:56 – Folk Dance? But… how does… the hats… 

7:12 – Oh my god this fucking show. Ryuuko showing off her villain lines once again

7:49 – See? The clear hero of the story. Ryuuko gets to have fun kicking ass with Senketsu, Mako puts in the long hours

Mako Kill la Kill

8:12 – This episode seems to also be getting more direct about this town’s structure and relationship to Satsuki, which is appropriate for an episode where Mako and her family’s situation are actually relevant. They don’t spell out stuff like this for no reason

8:38 – Love the designs here. And every Mako face is a great face


Mako Kill la Kill

9:48 – Damnit Mako now you’re doing it too! 

10:09 – “So where did you get your ideas for costume designs?” “Oh, absinthe, mostly.” 

10:35 – Mako for president 

10:46 – That’s a nice lawn car they’ve got there. Actually, this shot has nice lighting in general – I like how they use those overlay splashes to kind of simulate the light from the windows hitting the camera/viewer’s eye

10:55 – Oh my god this show is so stupid I love it. Now they just randomly decide this was actually a story about appreciating what you have all along. Does that have anything to do with the plot? No. Is it an appropriately ridiculous and cartoonish choice? Of course

Also, in this world, apparently hoighty-toighty rich kids wear giant heart-shaped sunglasses

Kill la Kill

11:10 – And stuffy doctors look like this

11:43 – AHAHAHA MAKO YES. Shades = evil, I guess

12:03 – She’s still inside there, somewhere! Don’t let the system consume you, Mako!

13:14 – Guts, no! What happened to your integrity!?

13:40 – Mako triumphant. This episode is beautiful

Mako Kill la Kill

13:45 – She’s mastered their philosophy. This is actually pretty brilliant – this episode is ridiculous, but defeating Satsuki by actually embracing her philosophy is a great idea for a one-off, and not something which would really work if this show were more serious (or at least, wouldn’t work in this very abrupt rags-to-riches-what-have-we-become context)

14:15 – Satsuki values strength. She doesn’t want to defeat Ryuuko by refusing to authorize her club – she’ll give her every chance she can get to prove her strength. If the Academy wasn’t strong enough to trample her, then the Academy wasn’t worth protecting in the first place

14:30 – This ridiculous song and that fucking gold bust. Goddamnit Kill la Kill

14:55 – Senketsu lays it down. WHAT HAPPENED TO SMASHING HER IDEALS, RYUUKO?!

15:18 – BUT MAKO IS DRUNK WITH POWER. This is even better than episode four

Mako Kill la Kill

16:01 – No! You’ll tear them apart! 

16:38 – Looks like we can close those “Best Character” polls a little early this year 


17:24 – Mako actually gets the best goddamn uniform. And her argument’s completely reasonable – yeah, it’s great for Ryuuko to discover the value of a simple family meal and everything, but Mako’s fighting to put food on the table here

Mako Kill la Kill

17:55 – Mako’s family so supportive 

18:05 – Granted, the show’s not actually gonna allow any nuance here, but still 

18:14 – Oh yeah, you’re just loving this. Pigs in human clothing indeed.

Oh. Then she actually says it. Damn.

But yeah. This system works great for her, since all of her strength is self-generated. By giving others strength, she ultimately makes them weaker, because they are then dependent. But her own elite guard is made up of those who have proven their individual strength

18:49 – Nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning

Mako Kill la Kill

18:58 – Time to prove the power of your own strength, Ryuuko! 

19:04 – Gamagoori scoffs, but secretly finds this incredibly heartwarming 


19:45 – This episode will inspire the best cosplays 

Mako Kill la Kill


21:06 – Dang. Really dynamic shot. This show’s angles so good

21:54 – Your philosophy is stupid and I hate it! 

23:20 – You and your goddamn touchy-feely anti-capitalist propaganda, Ryuuko! Well, at least nobody died

Kill la Kill

24:10 – The house always wins

And Done

Oh my god that was so satisfying. I probably should have worried about getting my hopes up given I already knew they were hyping this one, but that was some well-deserved hype. Hilarious, ridiculous, and as Mako-happy as it could possibly be. A shame they Life Fibered her fantastic uniform, but I suppose that’s better than Mako getting Life Fibered herself. Shame on you, Mankanshoku family! Kinda funny how absurd that episode’s politics get if you take them at all outside the context of “Satsuki’s view of humanity bad, friendship good,” but that absurdity is actually kind of a bonus to me. Not that Satsuki really lost here – as I said, she likes seeing Ryuuko beat these hurdles, and only sees her philosophy as valid if it can be stress-tested as rigorously as possible.

But seriously. Mako, Chairman of the Board. Mako, General of the Fight Club. What more could you possibly ask for.

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  1. “This episode will inspire the best cosplays ” Hah, I’ve got a pair of friends who are planning on cosplaying Ryouko and Mako (in non-revealing outfits) and I’m already egging them on to do Mako’s Fight Club uniform. XD


    Your recounting of your panicked thought process during the start of the episode: Priceless.

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