Sekai Seifuku – Episode 9

Conquest time! Once again, probably gonna keep these notes pretty brief. Depends on the episode, though – if this turns into an incisive exploration of the intersection of family, youthful idealism, and reality, that might not be the case. Anyway. On with the show!

Episode 9

0:28 – …or maybe this episode will be a wacky light novel romcom. You never know!

Sekai Seifuku

0:45 – God damn you, Sekai Seifuku

0:54 – Of course. I actually think the mask motif and this show’s style of storytelling (well, in the good episodes, anyway) play off each other in a pretty neat way. In episodes like Natasha’s backstory or the last one, the fact that our lives are a product of interpretation is always foregrounded – whether Natasha was actually taken to a secret cave by her parents is irrelevant, because either way, that is the “truth” of that event to her. And that’s what Kate’s power is – the ability to sell her personal truth as reality for those who believe in her, or even impose that reality on those who don’t. And the masks demonstrate that this interpretive, perception-based view of reality applies to people, as well – “wearing a mask” may not change your physical body, but it can certainly change who you are, or at least who you allow yourself to be

3:00 – I love this show’s delivery. The dry tone of its absurdism is great

3:36 – Of course this world has a service industry built around how effective tiny masks are

Sekai Seifuku

4:29 – Oh hey look White Robin’s here too

5:07 – Oh my god Kate in that little kimono

5:20 – Jeez Kate, you can’t just throw out character quirks nine episodes in

7:01 – Renge’s kind of proving herself the “destroyer of facades” in this story. She’s fond of Dva, likes the alternate version of her coworker, and even forgot to wear her mask to the treasure hunt. They might be going somewhere with that

Or nowhere! Sekai Seifuku etc

Sekai Seifuku

9:20 – Goddamnit Kate’s been watching too much anime

10:22 – This stupid show

10:39 – Oh my god this show. Romcom shenanigans – in disguise!

11:07 – You certainly do think you’re pretty funny, show

Sekai Seifuku

13:16 – What is even

13:50 – Nicely chosen words. Masks failing to hide people all over the place this week. Jimon tucking Kate in was pretty adorable, too

15:20 – It’s the darndest thing

17:11 – Your identities are blending, Egret. Looks like your mask isn’t working so well either

Sekai Seifuku

17:41 – Molding her into a Kate-like figure. Someone unburdened by doubts, a pure vision

18:28 – Dang, looks like this story really is all coming together. Good, I like family dramas a whole lot more than pure farces

19:33 – Shocking reveals all around

20:35 – Alright, didn’t see that one coming. This is one complicated web of connections here

21:05 – Big line being drawn here. Jimon’s father forces his children to be subordinates. Kate allows her family to make their own choices, even if that choice is “not be accepted by the family that loves you”

Sekai Seifuku

21:38 – Wonderful expression

22:06 – Their world’s in worse shape than I thought

22:25 – And things keep moving!

And Done

Very nice! I think this show is gonna pull together very well – this makes three episodes in a row that actually pushed the show’s story and characters forward in a meaningful way, and its ideas about family and identity are all lining up smartly as well. I really liked how this episode complicated the power of masks in Sekai Seifuku – though they often seem to be the source of various characters’ power, it now seems clear they can’t really divorce you from whatever you’re choosing to hide.

This episode also was again full of all the whimsy, deadpan absurdism, and small moments of genuine affection that really give this show its identity. In a show like this, it’s important that the characters are both loveable and clearly care about each other, and that was very clear this week. I’ve got high hopes for the last act.

2 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku – Episode 9

  1. Possibly my favorite episode. Love how the masks are synonymous for separate identities in this show. Obviously the masks are meant to be taken metaphorically, for example the old couple who despite living with each other for +50 years they still had a hidden identity that both parties weren’t aware of. Identities that are supposed to clash (Zvezda vs White Light) yet as demonstrated by their marriage they can live along each other just fine. Or how by donning another identity one can get to know each other better or be more honest with your feelings (Egret & Robin).

    “They might be going somewhere with that

    Or nowhere! Sekai Seifuku etc”

    I think you are underestimating the writers of this show as they are quite capable. This isn’t a completely serious show and it embraces that with its more lighthearted episodes that divulge more on the cast’s quirks. This causes quite the pickle because people want just one of the two, either serious or funny. But I say to that there are dozens of those shows. Why can’t it be both? People expect shows to adapt to their demands instead of letting it develop in its own natural way. Not every show needs to be 100% serious with a profound message hiding behind every episode and conversely lighthearted shows can feel more real when there’s emotion behind it and a cast you can get behind.

    Side-note: Not easily noticed but as they enter the onsen Asuta & Renge both have blue/yellow masks and when they separate ways Asuta goes in the direction of the blue sliding doors and Renge towards the yellow ones. Quite an interesting detail. Kate happened to later don on the same Asuta blue/yellow mask and Falcon has a white/yellow mask.

    • Yeah, you’re right, these writers are trustworthy. It’s really just that one school romcom episode that got me cranky – the show’s been quite consistent aside from that. I’m certainly fine with seriousness and humor coexisting, though – Utena seemed to make a point of having them exist at the same time all the time.

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