New Podcast – Spring 2014 Mid-Season Discussion

Yep, I was on another podcast this week, discussing season impressions with a bunch of other bloggers. I gush about Ping Pong, we argue about Sidonia and Titan, and basically everybody takes a few cheap shots at Mahouka. You can check out the whole thing over at Deadlight’s blog, which includes time stamps for specific show discussions and links to everybody else’s blogs. And if you enjoy the podcasts, it turns out I’m actually going to be a regular on these ones from now on, so, uh, lucky you!

Once again, here’s the link to the podcast. I don’t have anything else to say, so here’s Star Platinum punching a shark.


3 thoughts on “New Podcast – Spring 2014 Mid-Season Discussion

  1. I really liked this podcast, and I’m glad to hear you’ve become a recurring member. I remember the last podcast had a lot of problems wiith pacing and participation, but this one was really great. Everyone who watched a show had input when it came up and hearing different opinions was nice.

    I wish more shows were covered but I suppose it is limited by what shows people are watching and can talk about, so it’s not a real issue. Overall good job and I look forward to more!

    • Actually, there was quite a bit of rambling during this recording as well. It’s just that I’m a much harsher editor than my boss, who was relieved of editing duties after the mixed reaction to the “Type-Moon” fan podcast. Although last month’s was “really” rambly to the point that I struggled getting it to flow.

      I will agree about the podcast quality itself though. Laughed a lot listening to it. Think it’s my favorite of what we’ve done so far.

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