Announcement: I Am Now Working For The Man

You may have already heard, but Anime News Network recently announced they’re going to be doing episodic posts on airing shows, and holy crap what is that name right there on the list. So yeah, I’ll be doing some writing for ANN! I’ll be covering Sword Art Online, Barakamon, and Shounen Hollywood (yes) every week, and my first posts will be going up this weekend. I’ll be starting with “season to date” posts covering episodes 1-8 of each, and then doing episodics from here on out. Very excited!

Pretty much the only thing this means for Wrong Every Time is that, sadly, I’m gonna be ending the weekly timestamp SAO posts. I’ll be linking my regular ANN posts here (meaning you guys will actually be getting more content overall), but they’re going to be in a format much closer to the one I used for Ping Pong – coherent full-episode reflections, similar to what ANN currently does for its preview guide. The Week in Review posts won’t be affected (outside of me primarily just linking the bigger posts on shows I’ve already written about, like I currently do), and essays and whatnot will all still be hosted here. I’ll still be rambling about the same old stuff, I’ll just sometimes be rambling on behalf of our friendly neighborhood overlords.

Anyway! I’m very excited to start being yelled at by vast new groups of people, and I hope you all enjoy the work. There’s a great crop of writers being highlighted here, some of whom I’m already good friends with, so I’d recommend giving the other writers a shot too and seeing if you like their styles. A new adventure begins!

Sword Art Online

23 thoughts on “Announcement: I Am Now Working For The Man

  1. Are you being employed by them or is this just “for fun”? Either way, congrats on “moving up” in the anime blogging/journalism (if you can call it journalism) world! I’m not the biggest fan of ANN’s writers so hopefully you’ll bring something new and fresh to the table.

  2. as long as you won’t forget your own zankyou writings here… 😉
    I sure liked the Ping Pong Review format way more than what you are currently doing with ZnT… So I might come over to read on ann now.


    PS: And someday you will answer to my two cents on your urobutcher-ramblings. :p

  3. Congrats man. It’s always wonderful to actually get some coin for doing the things one loves. I hope you have the same success as ‘Trapkito’ over there.

  4. But… but we thought you enjoyed being yelled at by US :'(! How could you do this?!!?!? BAKA BOB!

  5. Told you over Twitter, but congrats and good luck, and don’t give in and read the comment section, especially for the SAO pieces.

    Also, some of the reasons you appear to like and others dislike Shounen Hollywood are similar to the reasons some people liked and others disliked Wake Up, Girls! so you might want to give that a whirl.

  6. This is pretty cool news. Congratulations! Now you are getting paid to watch anime, which can never be a bad thing…. well maybe it can if you are being paid to watch something really shitty, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

  7. Congratulations! Money is good.
    O-Oh my god, I-I just realized… there’s not gonna be another hardboiled online ;-;

  8. Congratulations Bobduh! You deserve everything positive that comes to you through your hard work.

  9. Maybe it’s schadenfreude, but I’m most looking forward toward your totally unexpected Shounen Hollywood reviews. Free! Season 2 is more of the same from Seaon 1 (gender-swapped slice-of-life with good production values). And Love Stage is really the only truly “yaoi” thing going on this season…but it’s still kind of really rapey and super uncomfortable. So I’m looking forward to reading about…whatever Shounen Hollywood is. I can either be pleasantly surprised, or I can just feel BAD for you, for having to watch it. But, at least you’re getting paid now.

  10. Hey! Great to see your efforts are giving you rewards! You know, from many more bloggers that review SAO weekly, you are the nicest and less cynical of all, which is not a bad thing, in fact, is pretty cool that even when the show is for any mean what sane people would call of intelectual quality, or whatever other type of quality, you can still post positive feedback on the stuff happening, and that´s very good, not letting your jaded side guide your posts (at least most of the times, hehehe). I will be looking forward to your episodics in that other place, and keep up the great work! ;D

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