Fall 2014 – First Episode Reflections

The fall season has begun! For you guys, that probably means checking out what everyone else is watching, catching some sample episodes, and maybe sticking with whatever you were already planning on watching. For me, that means watching the first episode of every single goddamn show. Posts are already up for Terra Formars, Tribe Cool Crew, DENKI-GAI, Log Horizon 2, and Lord Marksman and Vanadis (my real-person name is Nick Creamer, incidentally). The preview guide will continue to be updated over the next week and a half or so as all the various shows premier, so feel free to check back and get my first impressions on basically every full-length show that isn’t a sequel to something I never watched. It’ll be fun! IT’LL BE FUN.

Terra Formars

20 thoughts on “Fall 2014 – First Episode Reflections

  1. You should definitely blog an update to the ANN site when you’ve done all first impressions. There are definitely some titles I’d love to see your reaction to…

    Though at least I’m really looking forward to read all of them. Do you think you might end up watching a bunch more shows than usually? Or will you purposely limit yourself?
    In any case, will you state witch shows you will be watching?
    Like you said you would probably not continue “Denki-Gai” but what about the others you don’t say anything specific about.

    • I’m probably going to purposely limit myself, and yeah, I’ll say what I’m going to keep watching. So far, it’s not looking like it’ll be that hard – out of the 16 or so shows I’ve watched, I’m only really interested in continuing maybe 4-5.

  3. Seems like as good a time as any to recommend Berserk- the first episode of Lord Marksman reminded me of the show. It’s about a charismatic and strong person who captures an MC. This MC is very good in combat (with a sword rather than a bow) before doing politics and battles etc. I’m sure Marksman will go in a different direction, but probably not an interesting one.

    Unlike Lord Marksman, Berserk is actually focused on the characters, the grounded grit of combat, and the mood rather than the world building, explosive magic, and the breasts. The only things you really have to worry about in the series are the first and last episodes, to be completely honest. It may even be worth skipping the first episode, it’s only for manga readers and it sells a completely different kind of show, unconnected from the main plot. Everything in between is really good, with very few rough spots.

    • That’s actually good to know about Berserk’s first episode. I remember watching that by itself some time ago and not being particularly grabbed by it.

  4. I’m looking forward to read what YOU think of Cross Ange. I don’t remember such a unanimous voice screaming in disgust since the premiére of ImoCho.

  5. APPARENTLY that first episode of Vanadis crapped an entire LN into one episode, which is why the development seems a bit light, i guess the skimpy outfits and all were explained as well. I definitely think fan-service, when excessive, can take away from what would otherwise be a decent show, or at least decent waste of time. At least they stayed away from the “Oh, god, someone accidentally saw me bathing, better beat the hell out of them before listening to their explanation” trope.

    • Yeah, it was nice to see Elen actually act confident in that scene. The show’s kind of trying to have it both ways, but it’s working out okay so far.

  6. I feel like all of my preseason decisions of what to try were so horridly wrong. They always are. -_- I fail at simulcasts. Thankfully, I have such a huge backlog of physical media classics to catch up on that I could probably miss the whole season and not skip a beat as far as anime is concerned.

    Except Log Horizon. I’m watching that for sure. 🙂

    Keep the reviews coming. I appreciate your insight into the ones I chose not to watch. Thanks so much.

      • Yeah, there have been! I’m at 2 good ones now. Forgot that Akatsuki didn’t air until today. At least, it looks decent to me. Enough so that I want to watch episode 2.

  7. Nice reviews so far. I was pleasantly surprised by Fate/stay night’s first episode, I felt it worked way better than Fate/Zero’s: no huge infodumps (with people walking in circles for 20 minutes), instead all of the exposition was nicely incorporated into the dialogue. Also, the fight scene was amazing.

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of this show.

  8. So out of curiosity, how come none of the reviewers has covered Gundam: G no Reconguista? Is it because it’s not being simulcast anywhere? Everyone on reddit was just gushing with how nostalgic it was and I felt like the only dissenting voice saying that it felt bizarre and jarring, like they were trying way too hard to be 80s/90s Gundam. The art and sound effects were all old fashion, but he CG was modern. The pacing was breakneck like modern shows, but the dialogue and transitions were cheesy old ones so everything felt really unnatural. I was looking forward to reading some reactions to it that were not obscured by nostalgia goggles, but it’s not on the guide (at least so far).

    • Yeah, we only cover stuff that we can legally watch. So it’ll remain uncovered unless a stream goes up.

      That said, I actually wrote about it anyway just in case a stream does go up. So if nothing’s announced, I’ll post my thoughts whenever the preview guide is over.

      • The same thing goes for Nanatsu no Tazai (The Seven Deadly Sins) Netflix got the rights for it.
        I’m wondering why there’s nothing on Amagi Brilliant Park. Must not be legally streaming yet, find it strange it being a KyoAni show.
        Can we look forward to your opinions on those to?

  9. Hey, like you, I pretty much watch every single episode of ALMOST every single show. Obviously I drop about 5 shows considering I’m not going to like everything that comes out. I was interested in starting a type of blog like you’ve done here. I’m just not sure where to start or how to even do this. Any advice would help, I just want a place where I can share my opinion lols talk about anime. I love this site by the way.

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