Parasyte – Episodes 1-3

My catch-up article on Parasyte is posted, where I scratch at a few of the things that make this show so damn engaging. It’ll be nice to actually get to dig into a show with some thematic richness on ANN – I did that somewhat last season as well, but nobody was actually watching Shounen Hollywood and very few of Barakamon/SAO’s fans seemed interested in that stuff, so this might be the first time this stuff is actually welcome. Hurray!


9 thoughts on “Parasyte – Episodes 1-3

  1. Parasyte is currently my favorite of this season, closely followed by Shirobako.

    The one somewhat major issue I have with this show are the some of the sound effects for Migi, which are mostly made by some young beatbox talent but unfortunately it’s easy to hear just that.

    This specific sound you’ll hear in the clip sounds like it’s some person trying to make fart noises with their mouth and I cannot unhear it. I’m not sure if it reappeared in ep03, probably not since there was no fighting from Migi’s side just yet. I wish they’d just let a normal sound engineer instead.

  2. I can’t seem to pinpoint why exactly, but I’m not completely sold on Parasyte. It’s not due to a single, big, glaring fault but to the accumulation of little snags, maybe. I think it’s too bright, the art. Too cartoonish and clean, too colorful and lively, even when things are going awry. Horror is not frightening enough—things are always shown in full-view, in a uniform light, from a safe distance, in too “objective” camera shots to feel close or hidden enough to produce a visceral reaction. When the three of them were talking in the cafe and the aggressive male’s eyes were going crazy, it didn’t look unsettling, it looked comical and silly. And so on… Still a very good show, mind you, but I feel it lacks that fine directorial touch to make it a great one.

    • Well the show is more of a thriller right now and the horror element is just body horror (grotesque and nasty appearance etc). But i get what you meant, the color was a bit bright for this kind of show

  3. Only three episodes in, and this show is already asking some very interesting (and difficult) questions. What separates us from the animals we look down upon? Why is it wrong for the parasites to feed on humans, when humans happily slaughter and eat all sorts of animals? And why should human lives be considered more ‘precious’ than the lives of animals?

    I’m really interested to see where the show goes in exploring these questions. Definitely my favourite show of the season so far.

  4. I think this show is pretty great so far. Migi asking what separates humans from the animals humans eat didn’t do anything for me, because in my mind the answer is simply that there is no context in which prey just submits to predators regardless of their moral standing. Giant squids eat fish, but they still fight back when whales try to eat them. Still, I like that it’s the kind of show that would ask that question, and everything else about the tension between Migi and Shinichi has been really well-done. Really I just want to see where they take it from here.

  5. I read Parasyte ages ago and was quite surprised when I read that they would adapt an ‘older’ manga. I’m pleasantly surprised about the job they’re doing. About the only complaint I have is the soundtrack. The dubstep is a bit..jarring to be honest.

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