Log Horizon 2 – Episode 4

We apparently entered some kind of localized reality inverter this week, as absolutely nothing happened in Log Horizon while Sword Art Online was actually a bunch of fun. Bow before my ability to spin entire articles out of “this week, nothing happened.” BOW.

Log Horizon

3 thoughts on “Log Horizon 2 – Episode 4

  1. Well Deen did decide to adapt the remaining 3 volumes(i think?) into a 25 episode series. So…..yeah expect a lot of padding.

    • They are adapting 4 volumes – vol.6-8 and the unreleased volume 9. The latter will be the already written Kanami side-story’s finished version. The author helped them out in the first season and that didn’t change. So if they make 1-2 episode fillers, it will be more-or-less canon.

      Btw, NHK deciced to make a new season, not Deen, not that it matters. The key staff members are remained the same and Deen is only responsible for the animation related work. So there is no need to worry, because they can’t touch the adaptation itself.

  2. If this episode wasnt focused on Akatsuki i think it would be unbearable to watch for me. This episode felt to me like what Fairy Tail tuned into. Fanservice. I do admit we had a few good inner monologues.

    All in all, after last episode, this was more that a little disappointing.

    I agree with Bobduh, that this episode recycles Akatsuki’s inner conflict way too much, again and again we have to witness the same ‘she looks sad’ note, seemingly from every character that appeared in this episode.

    PS: And the sold sword. Dips on calling that Shiroe bought it for her.

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