Parasyte – Episode 5

Yep, it’s finally time for that scene. I really enjoyed this episode, and am loving how consistently and intelligently this show is hammering on Shinichi’s simplistic morals. The brutality of animal nature doesn’t need to be expressed through the actions of the parasites – the humans are doing all that work for them. And hey, always good to see Miyuki Sawashiro again.


2 thoughts on “Parasyte – Episode 5

  1. Shin’ichi doesn’t even realizes how all his actions contradicts his beliefs.
    His actions aren’t motivated by altruism at all. He first act to prove a point (Hadn’t Migi and Ryoko suggesting he may lose his humanity, he probably won’t have do anything.), and then deals with the consequences.
    Then he lets his rage take over (Smashing a parasyte to deals with his rage), and it leads to that final scene. When he acts entirely like a human being, and it’s absolutely pathetic.

    As a side note, but I don’t think Parasyte acts entirely like animal. Or more precisely, they act like simplified version of animals, bared to its essential charcateristic : self-preservation. It’s the only thing that moves them forwards, no matter what appearance they have to take. It’s their end goal.
    I think their inability to reproduce explain ths partially. They don’t have to pass down anything to their descendants, and such don’t need to care for anyone besides themselves.

  2. My only beef with this episode was how they handled Shinichi’s mothers death. It felt a bit rushed to me, I wish they had taken a bit more time to develop that scene. Other than that, gripping stuff.

    Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice is pure aural honey.

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