Nadeko Medusa – Review

THAT’S RIGHT. I’m now ANN’s resident Monogatari specialist. I was really excited to write this one, and am really happy with how it came out – I feel like I finally got to stretch a bit in my writing at ANN, and am looking forward to doing big damn riffs on the rest of the season. I already covered Nadeko to a degree in both my season two episodic posts and final essay on the series, but it’s nice to have a full piece to dedicate to both her character and the really compelling ways this arc portrays and develops it. Fun times with our favorite crazy snake girl!


6 thoughts on “Nadeko Medusa – Review

  1. I suppose a congratulations is in order? Monogatari will keep you busy a little time longer with it’s ongoing succes.

    Very nice piece. This chapter of the series was a true revelation. Like many, I disliked Nadeko’s character, I thought she was your typical moe-blob character put in place to please a demographic, bereft of any depth or interesting features. Boy was I wrong, The way her personality is peeled away makes for intense viewing. An her classroom rant is one of my favorite sequences of the entire series.

    • Thanks! As long as Shaft keep to their promise of adapting the whole thing, I’ll be working on Monogatari pieces for, uh, years. Hm.

      And I agree, that classroom rant is one of the series highlights. What a speech!

  2. Congratulations. Reading your review really made one feel how comfortable and familiar with you are with the material, and why you hold it in such high esteem. A+ writng.

    Is there any chance for you to review the rest of the Monogatari Blu-Ray’s too? You seem to be the perfect fit for the job, and I’d love to see you write more about this show.

    • Thank you! I won’t be covering the ones ANN’s already reviewed, but I’ll be hitting the rest of season two and beyond as those get released.

  3. Awesome, I have not read the review yet, but I will soon. Are you picking up where someone else left off? Nadeko Medusa seems like a bizarre starting point. Can we expect reviews for the remaining arcs in the second season?

    • Yeah, Carl Kimlinger reviewed through Mayoi Jiangshi, so I’m picking up where he left off. I’ll be reviewing each arc as it gets released!

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