Parasyte – Episode 6

Parasyte’s obviously been a solid show all this season, but it somehow felt like this episode was the moment when it really kicked into high gear. The pacing has accelerated, Migi and Shinichi’s relationship is gaining complexity, and Shinichi himself is becoming a more ambiguous and compelling character. Even the music was good for once! Hopefully the show maintains this standard going forward.


2 thoughts on “Parasyte – Episode 6

  1. I have to disagree, I felt this episode was kind of weak on the pacing department. It kept jumping from scene to scene, not giving the main character a chance to really explore his feelings on the matter. The music also didn’t really feel conected to the things on the screens strangely.
    Other than that, great episode as always.

  2. Unfortunately, i see it differently. Although the story develops, i find the show slowly becoming the average mediocrity it was blowing away just few episodes ago. Im exaggerating, but still.

    Without going into long monologue, ill just throw in few things that bugged me.
    – the whole dying and recovering thing is just way too fast, or badly executed. I loved that scene, but it feels like the purpose was just to give MC a powerup. This is textbook. This isnt how it should be done. If this show prides itself on being more mature, it cant use such cheap tricks.
    – the new girl. Like what is the whole deal? The previous episode introduced new female character as well, but i found everything to be ok, as she seems to be part of something bigger. But this… do we need a remainder that Shinichi is walking chick magnet, big badass now? Its just… whyy? It doesnt make any sense.
    – pacing. It just… what exactly happened here? it almost felt like Bleach chapter does. It ends before anything happens at all. Way before you expect it to.

    So, interestingly i find this show’s appeal to be degrading with time, almost perfectly with each episode. Just to be clear, i still find the show enjoyable and very good and also one that i personally want to succeed, because i really think it has potential. But i feel there are signs it will not realize it to the extent i would like.

    What i probably fear most is that there is going to be a single villain somewhere in the future and thats it. I havent read the manga, so let me in the dark (you guys who already know).

    Cant wait for next episode.

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