Log Horizon II – Episode 8

Akatsuki’s Akihabara Adventure came to an end this week, with a final fight that I honestly found kinda underwhelming. It’s not like Log Horizon is usually that visually impressive, but they’ve been hyping this conflict all friggin’ season! It sucks to see even the most dramatic moments reduced to still frames and speed lines, particularly since the episode three weeks ago seemed to demonstrate that this new show staff actually can pull together an aesthetically compelling production when they want to. Ah well. Bring on the Shiroe raid, I suppose.

Log Horizon

6 thoughts on “Log Horizon II – Episode 8

  1. I can sum up your complaints with this episode in one word. “DEEEEEEEENN!!!”

    Not that the previous studio was the best at fights either, but at least they knew which episodes were important to throw the budget at.

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