Aldnoah.Zero – Review

And the hits keep coming! Well… the reviews do, at least. “Hit” might be a stretch.

Poor Aldnoah – you started with such promise, and yet every new episode felt like another brick removed from your Jenga-tower of potential. At least the final toppling was entertaining – like with Kyoukai no Kanata, it was actually pretty cathartic seeing the finale of a show I’d entered with such expectations explode into such absurd, self-immolating nonsense. In the end, a show I’d hoped would be Urobuchi’s triumphant return ended up being just one more strong reminder that most people are not very good at building off his work. Ah well, at least there’s still Expelled from Paradise to look forward to…

You can check out the full ANN review here.


One thought on “Aldnoah.Zero – Review

  1. I was actually curious about your comparison between this and kyoukai no kanata because I followed your write ups of the latter and you seem to of enjoyed it until the final fu that was the sequel baiting ending. For aldnoah zero there was way more problems ( I thought the characters were weaker and less likable for example) so when you compare the two would you say they are on parity.

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