Log Horizon II – Episode 12

Largely an epilogue for the season’s first half this week, though Shiroe’s resolution to the money problem was very well-considered. I don’t really have any idea what they’re planning to do with the Tetra reveal, or if that’s just a thing that happened I guess. I am certainly looking forward to seeing Nureha’s empire return to relevance, though. Log Horizon II’s first half definitely ended on a strong note in this last arc, so hopefully that momentum carries through into our next adventure.

Full ANN post is here. Notes below!

Log Horizon

Oh man, that detail of the “final boss” being afraid of them is wonderful. I’ve certainly made that joke many times myself – some game might be really damn hard, but on the plus side, I have infinite lives and infinite time to throw at the challenge. I will always win – the adventurers are an implacable zombie horde, slowly pushing forward no matter what you do. It’s clever acknowledgments of game truths like that that make Log Horizon fun

As always, Shiroe gets to play the villain

Nice seeing Demikas be silly for a moment

All the secrets of the Kunie Clan. That fountain of gold sure is a sight

“To us Adventurers, the arbitrary nature of this system is acceptable because we know it’s a system. But what must the People of the Land, who have been forever tormented by monsters, think?”

“A great treasure is no treasure at all. Beware, for the beast you keep will destroy the world.” Even Shiroe’s words are shifting to inference and metaphor in order to justify his claiming this. The scale of this is making for an interesting conversation

Shiroe’s solution is forward-thinking and brilliant – by buying every single property and just assigning them to the server itself in perpetuity, he’ll demolish the concept of game-design based property ownership forever, both avoiding misuse by Adventurers and moving all property ownership to systems of in-game contracts so People of the Land sit on even footing

“Lend me the money to do this, so we will not destroy ourselves.”

“Yamato’s lands should be returned to Yamato!”

A moment of exhaustion and relief with William. ALSO TREASURE

And Demikas gets to see his name put on the world-first monument. Nice that they don’t overplay that moment

Marie’s kind of a joke character, but it’s still nice to see characters that are actually in a relationship

“We were finally able to agree on something.” Not liking each other. Heh

“Add me to your friend list” William you are too adorable

And then even Demikas blushes with his waifu. Goddamn

“When will you tell him that you’re a boy?” Hah! Just dropping it in there. And yeah, that was part of the long game with the introduction of changes from the last arc

“The world isn’t going to let you stay uninvolved.”

So they’re introducing a whole new gang of characters/antagonists/etc

Oh, is it the council of the woman from the end of the first season?

8 thoughts on “Log Horizon II – Episode 12

  1. I don’t know if it is because I never did the whole MMO thing or been super hardcore into gaming,but this season so far has been kind of a let down for me. Not sure what it is that is so different then the first, (which I did kind of like) but every episode just seems to drag on and is hard to get through.

    • I thought so too, but that one William episode was just so great that it reminded me of all the reasons why I liked the first season.

    • I thought the Akatsuki arc definitely dragged, but I’ve been pretty on board with this Shirou stuff. It’ll probably switch back to more politics/worldbuilding now though, so you might be in luck.

  2. Yeah I think Tetra’s reveal was just to reinforce the “people are starting to match their avatars” reveal from Akatsuki’s arc. Actually, speculating here, they showed in-story that that’s true and multiple instances when flavor text became real, wonder if they’ll show that the world is expanding actually in the story as well (since, not speculating, they’ll sure have a good chance to do it soon!).

    I was amused when I saw some anime-only viewers saying “Tetra must be a guy: no actual girl in this game has been all ‘tee-hee I’m a girl!’ since real girls don’t act like that, therefore…..”

    • They’ve left poor Krusty swallowed by an evil scythe for half a season now, so I sure hope they get back to that stuff! I keep wondering when he’s going to pop up again…

      • Since this season is going to cover literally all of the current novels (plus some) it should come back up but, following some spoiler threads, it seems to take a while for him him to appear again. ^^

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