Rolling Girls – Episodes 1-2

These were some lovely, lovely episodes. The animation and art design, the fun world, the whole Riot Grrl theme – it’s excellent stuff. I kinda wish we weren’t forced to watch it in Funimation streaming quality, but what can you do. These first two episodes largely just set up the premise, and we still don’t really know what these rolling girls are after, so the real work starts here – but if this show can keep up the idea density and visual flare of its start, we’re in for a fun ride.

My full ANN post is available here. Notes on episode two are below!

Rolling Girls

Opening animation is a technicolored rock song. That’s about right

That “we’re gonna fall off” gag is pretty great

Nozomi’s the new recruit “little sister”, Masami’s the leader

“According to the Twin Tower Declaration, the time and place must be declared at least a day in…”

“In this age of regressed communication methods, messages don’t always get delivered.” Anarchy

Maccha Green is the hero name

Fun rock song backing

Both teams knew she was Maccha Green, they just didn’t say anything to be polite. Awesome

That drop into shoujo flowers when Shigyo’s second in command thinks she actually believes the suit does something

The one girl pushing the other girl’s ghost back down her throat. Great visual gags

This episode certainly isn’t as busy so far, but that’s okay

Otonashi’s the second-in-command

The show is so constant in its gags, and its characters take the world so unseriously, that so far it can be hard to emotionally invest in the proceedings

Gags like the one member of the opposite team trying to stop the ride, them getting thrown away, and the whole roller coaster group going “awww” are great, but don’t help the tension. Feels a little scattershot – like every scene is allowed to have every mood

At least they actually call him Crocodile

The animation of Den-san leaping to save crocodile is fantastic

Oh wow, the direction of the scene implying their fall to death is great. Perfect use of CG

And the music, too

The fight and explosion animation is so good!

The direction is great too. Wonderful composition

“We’re used to being blown away” Great explanation for how they all survived

Masami feels she can’t accept being both the captain and Maccha Green simultaneously

“There’s no one in Maccha Green’s suit”

Oh my god this episode still has so much good animation

Even the crater’s heart-shaped. A nice touch

“Remember when you almost died trying to save me when I pretended to drown?” Nice that they resolve that within an episode

“I’m not a kid anymore.” She won’t do what she can’t do

“I might not be able to do anything, but at least let me worry.”

Ah, it’s the newbie from the other team who will join Nozomi eventually

“That day, the slew of vigilante squads that descended on Tokyo just looked like villains to my childish eyes.”

“I found out that the hero I aspired to be didn’t really exist.” The difference between heroes as symbols and leaders as people

Wow, the balloon popping is so good

Wow, the shot of her reaching towards Masami as she gets blown away. Incredible

“Didn’t we let Nozomi get her motorcycle license for a day like today?” The bikes are responsibility, power, leadership

Yukina, the blue-haired girl, is going with her

And then they run into the last two protagonists on the way – Ai Hibiki (the one from the other team) and Chiaya’s the last

And now they’re searching for… Moonlight Stones, I guess!

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  1. I thought the use of their background characters was phenomenal. Just the first two episodes are great as reference for an awesome short stage play.

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