Parasyte – Episode 15

Parasyte’s kinda just rambling along at the moment, retreading character points and slowly making its way towards exciting plot beats. There’s just a critical mass a show can reach of touching on certain refrains without further exploring them where it starts to drag, and Parasyte’s about there right now. My eyes were kind of glazed during this episode’s middle sequences, but I fortunately perked up at the ending, as it seems the plot’s starting to kick in again. Go kick some ass, Shinichi. Go do something, for chrissake.

My full ANN post available here. Notes are below!


Seems like PI got his own PI for tailing Ryouko?

Aaaand he’s dead

This PI’s pretty endearing. He’s kind of dumb, and he’s a coward, but he wants to be a hero. He’s a good representative of humanity

Shinichi can smell the blood now

“There’s one coming. It’s brought lunch.” Oh Migi

Shinichi can’t hide and watch. He runs out, tells the parasite to stop. “You’re not one of us?”

Nice fight choreography and animation, as usual

“I think I’ll win by having the better mount.” Are you developing a sense of humor, Migi?

And Shinichi still has to look away at the end

“This must be one of their designated feeding areas. That means our actions constitute an act of war against them.” TURF WARS

“Don’t be stupid.” Yeah, Migi’s got way more personality, now

The PI realizes he’s in over his head, but expresses it in the worst way. “You’re a monster too!”

“I have neither the strength nor the courage to protect myself.”

“Well, there’s a normal human being for you.” MIGI

Shinichi’s personal arc doesn’t really move forward, so the show’s generally just relying on plot. When the plot’s exciting, the show’s fun

“I’ll kill them myself, one by one!”

“Call it human ego, or whatever you want, but I just want to save as many people as I can!”

His naive beliefs have sort of survived, but they’ve mutated

Other parasites calling Tamura’s judgment into question

Now we’re back to Gotou, the crazy-strong parasite who likes to test himself

“If Miki wants to do it, let him.” Some other parasite assassin, I guess

Creepy nightmare sequence here

And Migi’s out for four hours

This expressive parasite seems pretty great. The show’s picking up now

Oh shit, there’s three in the one dude’s body! That’s why he can’t control his own movements

“Miki” – ‘three trees’