Parasyte – Episode 17

We finally got a pretty solid rallying episode this week, after many weeks of subpar episodes. We’re not exactly at first-few-episodes strength again, but after the Kana arc and subsequent meanderings, this felt like a revelation. A solid fight scene, a coherent pulling together of several character arcs, and even some echoing back of the show’s early themes. Everything you need for a balanced breakfast!

My full ANN post is available here. Notes below!


“I was curious. I let it get the better of me.”

Plenty of dissension in the parasite ranks

I can always talk about the show’s internal decisions, but they aren’t adding up to anything greater, and so it’s kinda pointless to list off the ways the show displays complexity in parasite behavior

“It makes me happy to realize parasites have come to possess individual differences of this magnitude, or in fact ‘individuality’.”

“In fact, I am quite moved by your decision to lynch me.”

This show’s scale should be so much bigger by now!

Sweet, Tamiya fighting in a construction site. Nice animation, nice shot framing

Tamura has invaded the other dude’s body!

Tamiya running off giggling with half a head

“But my head’s empty!” welp

Yeah, pretty fun fight in general. Though the over-explaining at the end is meh, particularly since I doubt this information will be relevant later

I like the static effect on the character vocals, too

More nicely framed shots using the foreground beams

The detective stole her baby!

Tamiya’s looking at Shinichi’s baby pictures. The whole motherhood thing is coming around. This is at least a coherent long-term thread – the connection of a mother’s love to humanity has been key from the very beginning

Tamiya invites Shinichi to the party – looking at the pictures, like she’s gauging whether she can trust him with her child

Tamiya thinking back on “Tamiya Ryoko”’s mother, who figured her out instantly

This is good. This should have happened six episodes ago, but it’s good nonetheless

And Murano runs into Tamiya, and asks her what’s going on

Tamiya comforting Murano. Aw

And Murano somehow notices Shinichi passing her on a bus, again

Murano really does not help this story

Murano chasing Tamiya around

I’m pretty excited for this encounter! The gang’s all here

“So even a cold-blooded monster values her own child.”

“You don’t know what it means to be a parent! The enormity of happiness you create for yourself in your own life – the crushing weight of grief when you’ve lost it all.”

“I’ve never sensed such a signal coming from one of my kind.” AW SHIT

“What a surprise.” And he falls to his death. A good death for his character

Kuramori’s the detective

Kuramori calls Shinichi a human to the end. “Like me, he had a small family that was taken from him. He suffered loss…” The show is finally deciding “human” is an arbitrary word

“You may even become a hero after all of this is over!” Nice work, Kuramori