Parasyte – Episode 18

And Tamiya’s story comes to an end. This episode was somewhat hampered by the aesthetic neutrality that’s weakened Parasyte all along, but its conclusion was strong enough narrative-wise that I couldn’t really complain about that. The anime is making me want to reread the manga – apparently we’re losing a lot of character texture, and the strongest thing here is the base material. But a great source adapted poorly can still be a pretty good show, and that’s where we’re at now.

My full ANN post is available here. Notes below!


“I can’t stand the way you look.” Aw, Shinichi

Tamiya confirms that parasites can survive without eating humans. It’s important for her to state this

“We are two halves of a whole. We and humans are one family. We are the children of the human race.”

Very charged line, considering the importance of parents and children in this series. Children act out, and harm their parents, but they’re dependent on them. A parent’s love is necessary for a child

“We can’t survive on our own. So don’t bully us.”

“Don’t fight Gotou. He is indeed one of our ‘fragile’ kind, but he is invincible.”

And Tamiya actually has a natural laugh for once

And the detective arrives

He takes a shot at Tamiya

No music here. Good

Tamiya is taking the bullets, protecting the baby

Murano wants to leave, but is held back by… spirit Kana? Oh god, the useless characters are forming an alliance

“How can I speak to your humanity?” And she takes the form of his mother, completing the connection

“Why was I born? Today I found the answer to another of my questions.” And she gives the child to Shinichi. The parasite born of humanity found purpose in bringing another human life into the world

“Find the one who made the hole in your heart.” Shinichi sees his mother in Tamiya both physically and emotionally, and for good reason – her last action reflects his mother’s scar, the source of his initial guilt. Great montage here of the show’s thoughts on life cycles and motherhood. You can really feel that a moment like this could help Shinichi heal

And he can even cry. Every beat they’ve laid up until now is being played out. Wonderful construction

Nice understated piano for the aftermath

“I think he’s a tad too composed for someone his age.” lol

The police seem to have a prisoner who likely has Kana’s ability

Uragami’s the prisoner. He has Kana’s ability, and can detect both people like himself and parasites

Uragami’s a serial killer

And Uragami knows

3 thoughts on “Parasyte – Episode 18

  1. “Uragami’s a serial killer

    And Uragami knows”

    jesus christ Bobduh trying to freak me out or what

  2. “The anime is making me want to reread the manga – apparently we’re losing a lot of character texture, and the strongest thing here is the base material. ”

    I disagree. The anime actually improved on the manga. (Same for Your Lie in April, that soundtrack + visual direction). Parasyte attained cult-status among (Western) audiences because it was presumably one of the first long-running English-scanlated gore manga available making it quite unique and gathering a large following. It had this bizarre gore humor as well (penis arm, Reiko running with her head missing, … ). It’s a great thriller and it deserves being considered among the classics but its quality has clearly been over inflated because of nostalgia. I do think Madhouse did an excellent job with the material and would recommend to others. Despite Parasyte’s flaws, it’s still above-average/good.

    • I guess that makes sense. Fans of the manga on twitter have been making a stink about the changes, but that’s kind of what fans of source material always tend to do.

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