Log Horizon II – Episode 20

Another rich and exciting episode of Log Horizon this week, as Nyanta confronted a boss rush’s worth of opponents and ideologies while the kids fought to keep the town standing. The contrasting perspectives of Londark and Mizufa offered a nice microcosm of how this show engages with both specific gamer identity and larger political ideology, and the fights that accompanied them gave Nyanta a welcome chance to show off both his skills and personal convictions. I wasn’t expecting the magic bag adventure to climax in a lengthy swordfight-slash-philosophical-battle atop a moving train, but I’m not complaining. Log Horizon’s apparently decided to absolutely make sure we all miss it when it’s gone.

My full ANN review is here. Notes below!

Log Horizon

Opening with the fight! Londark versus Nyanta

And Londark knows Nyanta, of course. I’m sure all the high-level guild members had some passing familiarity when the warp gates worked

“I’m doing a job and getting paid, protecting this train.” “And what of the result?” “Result? There’s nothing about that in my manual.” Right, the noble from the end of season one was largely the precursor to this, where People of the Land are hiring Adventurers as muscle

“I never received a manual for this world.” Meaning I can do whatever I want. There’s no rule of law here, there’s only what law you can enforce with your will

Nyanta really sounds like Kotomine Kirei when he gets serious. It’s great

“I wasn’t invited to come to this world. I was forced to, and no one asked me!” Londark likes the controlled agency of quests – he chooses the initial quest, and then nothing else is his responsibility. Videogames divorce you from ethical considerations for your actions while giving you the illusion of control, and Londark is absolutely representative of that

“This world tried to do something to me that I didn’t want, so I’m going to do whatever I want to it.”

“It’s possible to eliminate the unhappy Adventurers by force, but what will that solve?”

Nice that we’re getting another perspective on people who refuse to accept this world – instead of clinging at ways to go home, Londark just acts out against this place

“That’s true for everyone. That’s true for all children. Children are born into a world that seems unreasonable and crazy to them. No one is asked at birth if they want to come into the world.” He’s right. Londark is being childish

“You can lecture me, but in the end, you can’t get rid of me.” Londark’s also right. It doesn’t matter that Nyanta’s philosophy is “correct” if it doesn’t satisfy the petulant, unhappy Londark


We finally get her name – Mizufa Trudy

“The strong use their strength as a weapon. The weak use their weakness as a weapon.” Yeah, the anarchy of strength articulated

Pretty well-articulated fight here. Not crazy animation, but it’s using its limited resources well enough

She calls them the “Undead”

And now Kazuhiko of Plant Hwyaden enters the fray! Level 97! Nyanta’s just fighting a boss rush, jeez

Nureha trying to convince herself that it’s just Shiroe who’s special. It’s easier that way

Nureha’s now working to defend the town, even if slightly

But she still focuses it on her obsession with Shiroe. Nureha’s in a bad place

Kazuhiko calls him “Chief”. Was he in the Tea Party?

Kazuhiko was apparently trying to change Plant Hwyaden from the inside

Greaaat animation of this sequence with Mizufa

And Nureha makes the order to withdraw

Kazuhiko cuts off Nyanta’s train segment. He just wants to keep him away from all of this

Isuzu sees kids watching the fighting. An echo of the earlier point – kids can’t choose what world they’re born into

“A fallen country’s abandoned princess, once unable to make friends with anyone, is crying within m1” Roe 2 what the fuck are you on about

Wait, is Roe 2 one of the Izumo Knights?

“Songs are prayers that are actually heard.” Wow, really nice line

And now she articulates everything Rudy has meant to her, too, and it’s totally natural – not only is his story an inspiration to her, but he’s actively tried to encourage her all along

The music build to Isuzu’s breaking point is great

“This world I’ve walked through with my friends isn’t the path to hell”

And it ends with the final shot of the OP – a white moon instead of a red one, with the HP/MP of the players floating up like stars. Jeez

4 thoughts on “Log Horizon II – Episode 20

  1. “And Londark knows Nyanta, of course. I’m sure all the high-level guild members had some passing familiarity when the warp gates worked.”

    Londark was Demikas’ right hand man in S1 of Log Horizon, so Nyanta and the others met and beat him when rescuing Serara.

  2. Kotomine Kirei was a member of Tea Party, we saw it at the episode showing the leader of tea party at China.

    • ops, sorry, Kazuhiko was a member of tea party, I coy and paste the wrong name. Kotomine Kirei is people of land general.

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