Log Horizon II – Episode 23

Pretty low-key episode of Log Horizon this week, with Isaac and Iselus getting a moment in the sun while the whole cast kind of vaguely ruminated on the possibility of going home. It certainly doesn’t feel like this is a show that could possible end forever in two more episodes, but hey, Log Horizon’s doing its thing. I guess we’ll have to see where they decide to wrap things up.

My full ANN post is available here. Notes below!

Log Horizon

More with Isaac and Iselus, Lenessia’s brother

Shiroe commissioning a lunar communication device from the science guilds, but it’d be massively expensive

And they’re not even sure it would work

The kids reflecting on possibly going home. “I don’t know…” Minori says, looking at Tohya. And how must Rudy feel?

Tohya: “I’m going home. I like this place, and I want to stay. But I didn’t make any effort coming here – next time, I want to create my own place.”

“I’ve been expecting to say goodbye at some point.” Oh, Rudy

“If you go home, you can play music with your father, right?” AW JEEZ RUDY

The city of Maihama, Lenessia’s home, is being culturally affected by the Adventurers’ Akihabara culture

Talking about succession within the Cowen family. The grandfather is an interesting character – he has his own values, but as usual for Log Horizon, the show only observes, doesn’t judge

So now Isaac’s officially responsible for teaching Iselus things about the Adventurers

Iselus seems grounded as all hell

Isaac getting won over by the guy

Talking about Westelande working with Minami, plotting against Eastal

Isaac getting pulled into investing in these conflicts in spite of himself

“I want to do something before I go home!” Jeez, everyone’s talking as if it’s already set in stone. Is the story actually winding down? Seems like such a waste – things were just getting interesting!

Lenessia giving Iselus advice about adventurers with glasses

Assassination attempt!

The assassins’ levels are surprisingly high

And now Isaac and Iselus are friends forever

Aw shit, that merchant was Karashin? I didn’t even recognize him with his new outfit

There’s a tv station in Shibuya that might still have a functioning communication system

Aaand now everyone’s collapsing time’s up next episode

3 thoughts on “Log Horizon II – Episode 23

  1. Patriarchal society or no, am I the only one upset at the way Lenessia was so blithely passed over as heir to the throne? Was the reasoning behind it not remarkably regressive (both on the part of the characters AND the author of “Log Horizon”)?

    • Well considering the usual medieval treatment of women, I would say that Leynessia is having opposite of times regressive (not being forced to marry for political reasons). One conversation in novels was about how adventurers shouldn’t go around forcing modern values (it was about classism of nobles and lowers, but I would say that it could be used in here) because it could endanger the peaceful coexistence, and forcing your own values doesn’t usually make forced very pleased, even if values were right. Just look examples of this from history

    • The way I interpreted it, she was passed over because her grandfather thought her role as a diplomat to the adventurers was MORE important than ruling the kingdom would be. So basically he’s letting her do the job she wants to do instead of forcing her to come home and inherit the family business.

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