Rolling Girls – Episode 12

Well, this was a garbage ending. It’s a real shame – I was actually looking forward to whatever theatrics Rolling Girls put together for its final episode, and then the finale ends up having zero animation and even less coherent plot. Friggin’ Log Horizon was more animated this week than Rolling Girls. And the plot ends in about as unsatisfying a way as it could, and the story just sort of falls over itself. How do situations like this even happen? It feels like professional writers should not write themselves into holes like this.

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Rolling Girls

So Nozomi, Chiaya, and Ai have the family crest that can activate the robot

And now Chiaya’s mom herself has arrived

Chiaya tricks her mom, but her mom just wants to do what’s best for her. It all just reduces to families and warm relationships

Yukina’s picture gets complimented by the president’s assistant dude

“When people gather, a strange power is born.” Assistant talking about his time in Momi-han

And now the… Takumis?… are attacking the pirate base? Okay

This isn’t really exciting framing, either. This show can’t handle large-scale battles, it’s basically just good at the duels

The pirate queen Shima is still bitter about being abandoned, I guess??

Wailing guitar behind this meaningless rant

Takumi-za and the evil Takumis are… something

Blah blah about being tested by their age, war being bad. I sure wish this stuff was actually related to anything the show has actually done before

Shima’s second-in-command is Otomo

We are currently three episodes deep in an arc that just has no direction or emotional backing whatsoever. This is terrible

And Shigyo regains her “Best”-ness to defend her subordinate Otonashi, in spite of not having a stone

Yep. “That stone had nothing to do with it”

The first half of this episode has been really animation-light

And now they’re searching for pieces of the coat of arms. This episode has absolutely no momentum – not only is the overarching narrative a muddled mess, but the scenes don’t even transition energetically

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so bored by so many things happening

“Those two are friends now?” Referring to Shigyo and Ma-chan, and hell if I know, Ai. The show’s not including a lot of important scenes

“Who are those two, anyway?” THIS EPISODE

“The one directing them is the man who formed Takumi-za”

And yep, that dude was the professor


Backstories and motivations are being explained in five-second nonsense non-sequiturs that do nothing. This is so, so, so, so bad

This episode’s writing is so abysmal it seems generous to call what happens a “story” at all

“Isn’t it just like Chiaya to get locked on a spaceship?” IS IT? WHAT IS THIS

And now we see one brief moment of the kids playing when they were little. Sure!

Now just straight-up saying it’s human passion that makes the stones fall

2 thoughts on “Rolling Girls – Episode 12

  1. Hm, so that’s how it went, huh? Not even sure I’m going to bother with this episode at this point. I’ve already been bored to death by the last two – the plot makes no sense at all and it’s further complicated by the fact that ALL CHARACTERS LOOK THE DAMN SAME and I literally can’t tell what the hell is happening half of the time. A shame for a show that started so strong and had such good moments of humour and quirkiness.

  2. I would not write off the whole episode ! The problem is they just put so much into an episode and yes it felt rushed and incomplete! The Takumi fleet reminded me of the Sgt Peppers Lonely Band ? Yellow submarine Movies and Clips! Of course from the Beatles!

    That all aside it was exciting enough for me!

    The biggest impact was Chiaya sleeping with the girls at the end and then saying Bye- Bye that just floored me!

    Now Yukina drew an amazing picture of the 4 girls that was on the cover of Chiaya;s book in her room! And After Chiaya leaves she writes a story to go with it! Useless I dont think so!

    BTW the music is just amazing that song Never was just so rebellious !

    Oh the two escape pods confused me! Was there one or two / prof and new prez??

    The reveal about the 4 girls together when they were young! Before they grew up didnt they watch the war going on ! I still say there are things still not revealed as there is no cell phones only two way comms available!Low Band 10 – 200 Mhz or mid 440 bands ! Go look it up Cell Phones are 880 plus / High Band I am saying something changed memories or something!

    Yes confusion should not be this vast / but is very interesting!

    The flashhbacks of the girls journey was a very nice touch. Funny how Masami and Shiyo are still fighting but Shiyo has the suit now! I think the stones were self explantory in the end If you have unique abilties they came to you! I knda that feeling a few EPS back!

    The girls know Chiaya is from another world but dont know she transforms!

    Now Momoiya is much more than you think! Who is the new Prez . It’s not Chiaya mom as the hair color matches the Octi from the POD!

    Then Momo finds Ex Prez and Chiaya in the Street! Remember Momo got Rickshaw in EP 4 and Chiaya / mom were already here !!I smell oVA / movie or another cour. There is so much to be explained!

    Final thiught from the Begining I thought of Wizard of OZ. Chiaya had to get back ! Ai be like the Lion already Brave ! Yukinal like the scarecrow she was always smart but couldnt put it together until the end! And of course Nozomi like the Tinman always had Heart and never gave up!As aolof as the girls were they fixed everything in those letters and more! Silly yes / useless no!

    This one anime you throw anime logic and enjoy the ride. After all annime is fantasy / we forget that at times!

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