The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episodes 1-3

And my second episode writeup of the season is up! This one’s a little less intense, because, well, Nagato Yuki-chan is a pretty derp show. Silly faces and eating turkey and hoping Haruhi doesn’t completely overwhelm everything. Kyon and Haruhi are already falling back into their old relationship pattern, so I guess it’s time for Nagato to fight back, but I can’t see current Nagato doing much but mope and accept things if Haruhi ends up Stealing Her Man. I’d honestly really prefer more cute near-relationship scenes than an overt drama triangle, but I guess we’ll see.

My full writeup is available here. Notes (such as they are for a show like Nagato Yuki-chan) below!

Nagato Yuki-chan

And they find Haruhi collapsed in the snow

And so this is Haruhi’s big intro episode. Uh oh

She’s already falling into her old banter routine with Kyon

Nagato being flustered and making faces

Haruhi dominating the conversation as usual. And trying to do her usual “my ambition” speech

Kyon paying for Haruhi’s meals, as usual

Nagato thanking Haruhi for giving her confidence, Haruhi saying she got that confidence herself

“This year, I’m gonna take it easy again! Yeah!” Kyon speaking for the whole show. This is the lazy life he wanted

Haruhi’s threatening to actually make this her show again. She’s too powerful

“Hey. Do you wanna put your hair up in a ponytail?” Uh oh. UH OH

And now Nagato feels self-conscious about her hair. Aw

Koizumi’s there too, of course

And Koizumi is her only servant here, so he gets the worst of it

Koizumi freely admits he likes her, and finds her charming

Oh god, she really is taking over their club. Becoming Executive President

Nagato’s infatuated with Haruhi, because she has so much confidence. This will not end well

Fantasy sequence of Haruhi sending the boys to fight Tsuruya so they can steal Mikuru

And they steal Mikuru on a cart. Lol