Oregairu S2 – Episode 5

The student council arc resolved in an uneasy peace this week, with Hachiman convincing Isshiki to rescind her own club request. Of course, this solution isn’t actually great either for Hachiman’s group or for the school overall – once again, he chose a slash and burn solution that only solves the most immediate problem. Joining the student council probably would have been the best thing for all three of our protagonists, but that’s the kind of thing Hikki can only realize once he’s already been told. Life is tough for our brittle little teenagers!

My full episode review is here. Notes below!


Opening with Hikki and Komachi, and Hikki makes the first move! In the wake of Yui’s actions, he’s feeling vulnerable

“Want some coffee?” “Yes.” “Okay.” They’re so cute

No music until his ice-breaking is accepted, and then just this twinkling music box. They really know how to set the scene

And the two of them laughing. This second season has reaaally upped its intimacy and understanding of people

Komachi giving him grief, but it’s sibling grief again

And so Hikki finally asks for help. No longer just suffering alone

I just noticed the end of the OP varies who’s in the club room. Everyone at the end of 3, no one at the end of 4, just Yui and Yukino this time

“That’s so like you. But I only understand that because I’m me, and I’ve lived with you all my life. I can just say, ‘he’s so stupid,’ and laugh it off.”

“Other people aren’t like that. They don’t understand at all, and I’m sure it really hurts them.”

It’s just them being siblings that lets Komachi understand him, or him open up to Komachi

“For my friends, is there anything you can do?” Komachi frames it as him helping her friends Yui and Yukino, which he’s far more willing to do than make risky choices that are overtly for his own sake. He has to pretend he doesn’t care

Hachiman turns Komachi’s assumption over in his head. “All this time, I’ve been trying to find a reason to protect that place. What can Hachiman do to help them? There’s… absolutely nothing, and it’s killing me!” Love this honesty

Yui discussing campaign ideas with her friends

“Pitiful is my default state”

And now his chuuni friend also volunteers to listen to his troubles. “Look at me, reaching out to the weak. I’m so cool.”

“Idiot, don’t say stuff that’s actually cool.”

Zaimokuza, that’s his name

And Komachi drags in Hikki’s other “friends” – Totsuka and, uh, whatsherface. Saki Kawasaki

And they all question why Hikki’s doing this, and why he’s helping Isshiki in the first place. Nice to see they don’t just accept his choices or problem as it stands

“I need to assign top priority to Komachi’s request” Hikki has his own kind of chuuni, of course

So he’s going to negotiate with Isshiki, the girl who doesn’t want to win

Kawasaki gives him some possible presidential candidates, and mentions that he’d also be a good one. Which is true – for all Hikki has serious issues, if he were given a positive challenge to apply himself to, he could shine. It’s a cliche, but it’s true

Yukino already has a third of the student body as support

So they make a Hayato support account?

“No one will take any damage.” I love the way Hikki frames social standing. Really inherently reflects the way he sees human interactions – that they’re like a zero-sum game – and the permanence of these tiny emotional games

“So long as a problem doesn’t cause problems, it can’t be called a problem.”

Now he’s trying to compel Isshiki to actually run

And he’s actually pimping out Hayato for the sake of this argument. Lol

God, the scenes in the club room are so painful. Only Yui can say “I really value this club, and your friendships, and I don’t want to lose them,” and so they all end up hurting each other

So he started the accounts as other possible candidates, and then switched them to Isshiki. A cheap trick, and not one that does much but convince Isshiki herself to run

But all he wants is for his friends to stop running

“Then there’s no problem, nor any reason for me to do anything.” Damnit, Yukino

Yui can’t help but go over and give him a head-rub. YOUNG LOVE

“You protected the place that’s most important to me.” Yui getting more and more direct

“If they’re not given a problem, if they’re unable to find a reason, some people can’t bring themselves to act.” Talking about Yukino, but of course applies to himself

The old president had a far different idea – let their whole club became part of the student council, and things would go on as they had, but they’d be helping people and using their talents in a more official capacity. But all of the club are afraid of change, and can only act when they are pushed by the demands of others, and so a better future where they don’t sit in stasis went away

And Hikki reminisces on going back to a previous save point

3 thoughts on “Oregairu S2 – Episode 5

  1. I think ep5 is the weakest episode yet (still pretty good). Also the pace was way too much for me.

    • Episode one adapted 6 chapters, episode two adapted 3 chapters, episode three adapted 4 chapters, episode 4 adapted 2 chapters, and episode 5 adapted 3 chapters.
      As far as pacing goes, it was done pretty well for the last 2 weeks, but I think they need to work on their scene transitions.

      • I do agree with you on the transitions. But what do you want them to do? Squeeze more content in? Where? Isnt this an actual consequence of the overly fast pace?

        The info is appreciated, but i dont think it is absolute. Its not chapter like chapter, is it? Both in length and amount of content to be adapted.

        For the record, i read light novels up to volume 10.5 in between episodes 3 and 4 aired. Maybe that changed my perspective? I sure feel that way. Somehow im missing something in the anime adaptation, maybe more Hikkigaya’s monologues, maybe it is something else, like the idea that snafu is turning into melodrama standing on hardly comprehensible pillars, that dont make it into anime. I dont know, all i know is – this something has gotten more noticable in the last two episodes (or rather i perceived it as such).

        Cant wait for that scene. I think it will make me decide, whether i totally love or simply like this adaptation.

        If anyone can elaborate on what the problem i cant put my finger on could be, please do.

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