Sound! Euphonium – Episode 6

This was a less tightly focused and mood-based episode than the last, but still very good in its own way. We returned to some Kyoto Animation House Comedy this time (which was fitting, since I learned this was largely anime-original), and the results were about as consistently funny as KyoAni can ever be. KyoAni are just way better at understanding the rules of comedy than most studios, and so even an episode like this in a show with a generally different tone can come off as enjoyable. The characters bounce off each other well, the small moments are captured with signature grace, and the central themes keep bubbling to the surface. I’m reaaally hoping we get that split-cour announcement some time soon…

My full writeup is available here. Semi-useless notes down below!

Sound! Euphonium

Midterms arrive. Kumiko gets a middling grade

The prefectural tournament to eventually represent their region at nationals is coming up. They’ve never passed the original round, never gotten higher than bronze

Taki-sensei wants to hold auditions for who represents each part at the competition

Title: “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tuba”

“Taki-sensei, who had the well-earned nickname of ‘meddling cute demon’”

Derp fantasy of Hazuki losing her spot to new Midori-copy transfers. Not that funny

Asuka once again manipulating the easy Hazuki

Nice perspective shot from next to the boom box here

Taki assigns them a tough but dynamic piece

Nice to hear in the sound how Asuka is better than Kumiko

Also nice to see Hazuki attempting to rush through the part on her first try. Very true to the panicked rehearsal experience

“Tubacabra: The Dismembering” damnit Hazuki

Hazuki’s enthusiasm is infectious

I like this little flashback to Kumiko and her sister

Kousaka and Kumiko have another great exchange, with wonderful exchanges from Kumiko. These two flirt like crazy

Oh my god Kousaka’s reaction too good

“It looks more like the tuba’s carrying you.” “Kumiko-chan, you said that out loud” love these characters

Kumiko muttering about picking the wrong ice cream

Hazuki saying she wants to feel like she can actually play what she wants to. That this is her chance to be be something

This whole scene by the riverbank is grounded and great

This “something good about the tuba” conversation is also great. Really funny, endearing stuff this week

“It doesn’t matter how simple it is. If you can do it perfectly, it’s fun.” Back to the “people try hard when they see results” of last week. People want to feel their time wasn’t wasted

Oh my god, Kumiko’s stuck in a Tuba-kun costume

“I’m Tubacabra. You were born to blow me.” This fucking episode

Midori’s reaction is perfect, Kumiko’s “I was tricked” is perfect

“When you can’t play well, I think it hurts a lot more than people think.” Kumiko remembering her own loneliness in practice

Kumiko is worried Hazuki will quit unless she has a reason to play

Goto has the key line: “I’ve never liked playing tuba alone. But when we play together, in an ensemble, it becomes music. It becomes harmony. I can really tell I’m carrying the piece.” Like back in the second episode, working together is what gives it value, and working apart is so much less

Uh oh, Hazuki’s falling for Kumiko’s old friend!

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  1. This show seems to be almost the thematic reverse of Hyouka. Maybe that means KyoAni will actually see the romantic threads through instead of saying no because fuck you.

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