The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episode 7

Well, this sure is a show that I am watching. Roughly twenty minutes of it, once you remove the opening and ending songs. It helps that one minute of that running time is situated before the opening, which gives me a little sense of momentum at the opening. And I can generally make it a good six or seven minutes in before I begin checking the time remaining.

In this week’s Nagato Yuki-chan, the characters got on a train and then looked at some souvenirs. In next week’s episode, I suspect they will take a bath. Stay tuned.

Here is my very sad episode review. Sad notes are below.

Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

Haruhi has decided their training camp will be at a hot spring

Haruhi wrote the whole guide, including their own reactions to the trip, to get permission to go

Nagato apologizing, Haruhi scolding her for it. “I did this because I wanted to”

Asakura telling her concerns about Nagato and Kyon to Haruhi

Asakura worried about Kyon and Haruhi doing… perfectly normal things on the trip. Haruhi’s actually more grounded here, wondering either if these things would happen or if they’d be problems if they did

So Asakura resolves to spy on them, as the friend always does, to make sure they have a “pure and right relationship”

Haruhi penalizing Kyon for being late by making him pay, and then speaking through her coffee-cough. Haruhi is Haruhi

Drawing lots to choose the seating arrangements. The height of drama

And so they slow-mo Nagato’s reveal

Haruhi complains about more traveling even though she wrote the damn guide. The episode’s first funny joke, because it didn’t overplay it

We’re just very slowly going through the events of their travel plans. This is like watching paint dry

Them just ignoring Kyon’s attempt at a joke is also good

We’re not even getting new faces this week

Haruhi wants to go to a temple that’s a “power spot”

Haruhi’s kind of turned down for this show, so she becomes what a real life version of her character might be – a kind of nerdy and abrasive group leader

And Nagato gets more food

So they’re just trying food now

And now they’re looking at souvenirs

Praying at the shrine, and looking at little charms

Mikuru cheering Nagisa on is a nice moment

Nagato wishes “I wish I can stay good friends with everyone forever.” How nice

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  1. Your dry, cynical commentary is absolutely hilarious. “The height of drama” and “how nice” do indeed sum up this episode, if not the entire show.

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